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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Non-Pinners of the world Unite!

 By the way, this is nothing to do with Pinterest- that is one place I pin like crazy!

Some of you WOYWW'ers may have noticed recent comments by Lunch Lady Jan & myself about our refusal to pin & tack whilst sewing! To be honest, until Jan posted a comment about not doing it, I thought I was the only rebel in this department. I hate  doing it, I really do. Takes three times as long to do anything- pin it, tack it, remove pins, sew it, remove tacking- and I always got some tacking stuck inside my machine sewing- I just could not be bothered. I remember we had a sewing teacher who said you could machine sew with the pins still in place,and without tacking, as long as the pins were at right angles to the line you were sewing- that way the needle slid over the pins. Really? I tried that, I could not count how many needles I've broken that way. So now I defiantly do not pin!!! Anyway, last week Jan said we ought to have a No Pinners badge for our sidebar.  So I passed the idea over to my IT department (Beloved Hubby), who is a bit of a whiz at Photoshop, and here is the result. A badge that can be proudly displayed in your sidebar, if you too are proud to be a Pinning/Tacking Rebel. So feel free to click on the image, save to your pc, and add to your sidebar as a gadget- the Add Image one.


Ria Gall said...

What a great idea, I am not much of a sewing person but if I do get in to in at a later date I will stop by to get my badge

MaggieC said...

There are two occasions in my life when I pinned and tacked. One was when I went to sewing classes at the College and I was making my going away suit. The other occasion was when I was sewing with velvet, and I pinned, tacked and kept the pins in to stop the material from twisting. Apart from that, I generally stick pins across the line of sewing so it does not matter too much if the needle hits a pin. I have another confession too - I rarely press seams (my iron is for crafting, isn't it?), just pressing them between my fingers. Have a great tacking free week. xx Maggie
PS Thanks for your comment on my late Friday Smile. The children are growing so fast. We really need to see them more often.

kathi17 said...

I haven't done any sewing for quite a few years. (My mother borrowed my sewing machine, and she loved it so much I didn't have the heart to take it back). Anyway, when I was making quilt blocks, the way I held them together was to use a washable glue stick. It worked much better than pins!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Shaz...

..to pin or not to pin or tack, you know prob did work in day when your teacher sewed to do it as she said but machines are much faster and needles finer these days.

...but still do pin and tack if need be dont trust my skill or lack of it enough :D Shaz in Oz.x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Yay!! Clever DH for making the button :) I'm going to snaffle it for my blog straight away !!
LLJ xxxx

Paula Gale said...

Hiya Shaz

I find myself here after a very long time of 'no speak', after a bizzare thing happened to me that led me to you...

The other day I was crafting (of course) while the boys started bickering over something. Trying to put a spin on it to hold the piece, I was using my cuttlebug and ended up making the sandwich but putting the 'B' plate in upside down - meaning the die was on top. When it came out the other end, my labels 10 die was like a metallic curl. I was perplexed but my son pointed out what i'd done. So, wanting to find out if anyone had done it and wanting to know how I might straighten it, I have googled several times and not found anything. Googled again this morning using a different phrase, there was a reference to 'warping' so I followed the link.... to splitcoast stampers and a thread about the B plates and dies warping (but not an answer to my dilemma). Anyway, there was some discussion about how to make the sandwich with some of the ladies saying which they had difficulty with placement of the die on artwork when they had to put cardstock, as Spellbinders suggested, on top of the die which should be face up. One lady commented that she used lowtack tape to secure the die to the artwork so that she knew it would go through in the right sandwich etc. I thought 'that's what I do too'. I got to the end of the thread and was about to close the tab, when I went back over the comments and thought - that was the most sensible suggestion and why had none of the others thought of it. Well, the lady was from the UK. Not many ladies from the UK on Splitcoast stampers - well not very many anyway. I thought I'd see who the lady was - and here I am, because it was YOU!!!

I thought 'OMG, I've not 'spoken' to Shaz in AGES, so I came to your blog via the link in your signature. I just read your 'no-pinning' post which made me smile... and I couldn't leave without saying 'Hi, how are you?!' It's been a long time. I hope you are well and still enjoying crafting (which it looks like you are). I've not done WOYWW because I've found it hard to just bring myself to write a post (writers block? Me?!!!). Yep. I realise how much I'm missing everyone, so I'm definitely going to play and might even have a go and catch up with yesterdays... if my son lets me have the laptop, because I'm waiting for delivery of a charger for mine - the wires came loose and no other charger from any of the other ones work... Just when I feel up to posting too!!!

OK - that's been a very long comment to leave, so I'd better be off...

I just thought it was funny sometimes how things lead us places - following unlikely chains of events. I couldn't not say hello after that now, could I?

Big hugs
Paula x x x