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Friday, 22 February 2013

A Friday Smile

I can't remember where I saw this on the web, but it really did make me smile. And, I imagine, every  other crafter who sees it!  Because we all know that feeling.
Over on Annies (Wipso) blog, A Stitch in Time, she has started a Friday Smile- post up something, anything, that makes you smile, and join in. We all need a smile every now and then. Have a lovely weekend :)


Annie said...

Hehehe it all has to start somewhere and from little acorns great oaks do grow :-)
Mine was prob a reel of pretty cotton or a metre of ribbon :-)
Thanks for joining in the fun.
A x

JoZart said...

someone knows where it all started to bring them to produce that stamp! I remember when I said that all I'd ever need was in a shoebox!!
Have a great weekend...
Jo x

fairy thoughts said...

Well, whoever wrote that has obviously seen my craft room hee hee. :)

Alison Scott said...

Strikes the heart of every crafter.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on. I said I'd ever take up stamping!!!! Famous last words :)
Lynn x

Almo said...

Hi Shaz, its works! I'm smiling:) Hugs Mo x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah it began when spotted in shopping centre when on hols somewhere stopped watched this lady strapping and yup bought one stamp now where??
:D love Shaz.,xx