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Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Tale of the Injured Shoulder continues....

Well here I am, freshly splinted! Got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the hospital, and as soon as they said who they were, I knew they'd found something on the x-rays. I didn't for one minute think they'd phoned to ask how i was :) .The Doc that phoned said they review all x-rays the next day,and was very apologetic that the Doctor who had seen me did not see that in fact I had chipped a bit off my shoulder blade!To make matters worse, I have chipped off the bit that the tendon attaches to, so I now have a splint to keep the arm in a suitable position for the piece of bone to reattach itself. I'm signed off work for 4 to 6 weeks, I have to go back in 4 weeks for an x-ray to see how its mending. On the plus side, at least the splint comes in black :)
  And my left handed typing is getting better, I can use up to four fingers at a time now, but I can't always guarantee that the letters are in the right order, or even the right ones, so there's a lot of proof reading going on :) Thanks to everyone for all your good wishes, I think there will be a lot of blog hopping and You tube video watching over the next few weeks,as I now can't do much at all. I also just made a really helpful discovery- if I put my mouse on the left instead of the right, life is so much easier.Doh! I think I should be very close to ambidextrous in 6 weeks time!


Myrna said...

Speedy healing!!
Amazing what we can do when we are pressured, isn't it?

Krisha said...

Oh Shaz, that is horrible, so sorry for your left arm and shoulder. Yes the black splint is very becoming as far as splints go.
Keep you in prayers for a very speedy recovery and all attaches back correctly. Ican read miss spelled words very good (lots of practice reading my own words LOL)

Linda said...

Ouch! I do hope it mends quickly and well. Take care x

belldoubleyou said...

Smart move to move the mouse! It's likely that if you can find the settings for your mouse in your computer, you can tell it to be "left-handed" so that it mirrors a right-handed setup: you click with your index finger, etc.

Kim said...

4-6 weeks! Yikes! I am sending you all my positive thoughts, wishes, and patience for your recovery.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shaz you did a proper job there didn't you? Love the black splint - very fetching and so you :)
Hope you had caught up with your Christmas crafting before putting yourself out of action, some of the store bought Christmas cards are quite nice actually :)
Enjoy the blog hopping and video watching over the next 4-6 weeks.
Lynn xx

MaggieC said...

It is amazing what y9ou can do with only one hand, but it must make life very difficult for crafting. Be careful, especially on the stirs as your balance will also be out of place. Hope to see you over Christmas. xx Maggie

Samantha Elliott said...

Owch! Big owch! Sending you some virtual gentle hugs and good wishes. I guess you will be eating out for Christmas then!

Ann B said...

Hi Shaz. Popping by to say that your gorgeous fairy arrived yesterday afternoon - very glam in her shiny silver, just right for my tree. Thanks so much for making her for me. Need to take a photo but too dull today for my camera but she will be on my desk next Wednesday.
Sorry about the shoulder and I know what a pain it is when you lose the use of your writing hand (left in my case). Had a cast on for 6 weeks and had to try and write with my right hand - not easy.
Thanks again
Ann B

Cheryl said...

Oh no! Take care of yourself. I wish you a quick recovery!