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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

WOYWW #182

 This is my offering today- everywhere else is still too mucky to show you, lol. I ordered some die-cuts from e-bay, as I don't have the dies for these, and received a fab package, with not only the die cuts, but some lovely other bits & pieces too. I especially liked that she sent me the 'whole piece' of the die cut, so I have masks as well. So a huge thank you, and well deserved credit to Dawnbirdsong , who also put me a lovely personal note in with the goodies. Its so nice to be able to give someone such a big thumbs up for amazing customer service! She later sent me a great e-mail, and is more than willing to make up special packages, to customer orders,so if you need die-cuts, and don't have the dies, I highly recommend her.Its also a good way to try out die-cuts, to see if you would actually get your money's worth out of purchasing the die, I think.  A little more of the 'work in progress' that is to be my new craft room:
               Most of the old plaster & lath down;

All the old plaster & lath now gone, and the plasterer starts today putting up new plasterboard, and then plastering the ceiling & skimming the walls.All being well, should be putting down the laminate early next week, then paint ceiling (a few times) then the walls ( another few times), paper the chimney breast wall- I have a fab black sparkly paper that didn't get used in the bedroom in the end, then we can start putting the Ikea stuff together.Have a great Wednesday everyone, see you around the desks!


Helen said...

Lovely to see the progress on your craft room! Bet you can't wait to get to the stage you can sort your stuff out (or is that just me then...!) Have a great week. Helen, 8

MaggieC said...

At least you have managed to get out of the dust and disaster enough to post this week, Shaz. I am still struggling to answer comments from week 180, having had to vacuum and shampoo the carpets downstairs so many time it is just not true - all to get rid of a vile smell. Still don't know what it was, but it has one at last. That is brilliant service from Dawnbirdsong. Why does Blogger have to "improve" things? It has taken twice as long as should to help Bec set up her blog very simply, because it has all changed. Grrr..... xx Maggie

Krisha said...

Thanks for the die cut info Shaz, I went to e-bay and book marked her so I can look better later. I'm not playing this week, just home for a couple days between trips, but needed to peek in on a few WOYWW so not to have with drawls.....LOL Looking forward to seeing your new room.

Linda said...

Busy with the new craft room which I hope you will have lots of fun in when it is completed. Great recommendation for the die cuts too.

sandee said...

I bet you can't wait for it to be finished...fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Laura said...

the die cuts look fun - great done on book print!
Happy Wednesday,

lisa said...

That is some renovation you are doing but it sounds like it's going to be gorgeous once it's done.
Love the idea of the dies. How great to get the negative as well. I see you are going to be playing with Mr Umbrella man, my fave image ever!!
Hugs Lisax #58

Anonymous said...

Will your room be finished by Christmas or will you still be painting and papering. the die cuts look good and how great to be sent the whole piece so you have a mask. I usually end up keeping one just for sponging around if I buy any I like.
Tricia #83

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lots of hard work, but it will be so worth it in the end! Black sparkly paper - you sound like a gal after my own heart. That sounds a bit goth and gorgeous, LOL!!
Hugs, LLJ #32 xx

Anne said...

Oooohhh I like the sound of the black sparkly wallpaper. So envy you a proper craft room. Can't wait to see it finished. Anne x #124

Samantha Elliott said...

I bet you are itching to get in your new room! The black paper sounds interesting. And how did us crafters manage before Ikea?

Apryl said...

So excited for you for your new scrap room Hooray!!!

#17 Apryl

fairy thoughts said...

Umbrella man is great.I hadn't thought about buying ready cut dies to save buying the die... it makes sense as some dies I have brought dies I haven't used...yet
janet #26

fairy thoughts said...
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RosC said...

Splendid buy on e-Bay, Shaz. As you say, how terrific it is to be relaxed and generous in our transactions and feedback. Love that.
The work is progressing. Obviously you can see the light at the end of the tunnel when you talk about assembling the furniture. Exciting.
Ros #57

Lindsay Weirich said...

it will be so nice to have your craft room done! Happy WOYWW-Lindsay #86

JoZart said...

What a job! It is amazing to see the skeleton of the house like that.
I am with you re any lemon cake or dessert.... Got to have the tang! That one was perfect as les is a master pattisier and all his makes are superb.
Jo x looking forward to an angel flurry!
Jo x

JoZart said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nan G said...

Sounds like its going to be a fab craty room! Hugs, Nan 114

pearshapedcrafting said...

Looking good! Once the plastering is done you will really feel as though you are nearly done! Great idea buying die cuts as a try before you buy! Chris 70

Shoshi said...

Great progress being made on your studio - building work is so messy but the results will be great, I am sure. You must be looking forward to getting back in there. What lovely diecuts you were sent, and what a lovely person to include other goodies too, and the masks! It's Umbrella Man again!! I'm sure you will create something lovely with him.

Thanks for your lovely comments about the progress of my album, and I'm glad you are enjoying it. Nil progress today because I've been with Mum most of the day and this evening too exhausted to do anything, but hopefully tomorrow I shall get stuck in again. I'm still waiting for a few things to arrive in the post that I ordered.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #82

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

It sounds like your craft space is coming together nicely! It's great when things work out. Also, it's nice to find someone that is dedicated to providing good customer service! Those dies are great - and how nice to send some other little goodies too!

I'm slowly getting around to desks. Better late than never.

Kay 108

Robin Spitzer said...

I bet you can't wait to get your ikea put together and arranged! hope you,have it all done before Christmas!

Ohhh Snap said...

Looks like the craftroom is coming along well! Love those die cuts and so glad you got the rest of it as well. I love using it all up : D. Thanks for visiting me (woyww 182).