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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Some of my favourite stamp plates.....

Mystic Dreams,72C
This is just a little follow on from the post below, I think the 'Mystic Dreams' plate from Non Sequiteur is gorgeous, and  thought I would share a few other plates I have of theirs with you. These are mainly pagan/celtic/mystic images, perfect for those who want something a little different, or who have friends & relatives these images would suit. I have made the title under each stamp set a clickable link, so they will take you straight to the plate on De Stempelwinkels site. This link will take you to Non Sequiteurs site, where you can view all the plates,as well as the individual images.

Celtic Mythology,75C

Winter Solstice, 71C.

Water myths & Fantasy, 53C

Forest fantasy, 90
Enchanted Forest, 91

Faeries & Flowers, 95
Samurai plate, 67
This one has some lovely 'different' Christmas stamps.
Winter Holidays, 64C

This one features the Butterfly Screen I have used on cards before.

Massive apologies if I have caused anyone to go and spend more money, :) - I know I could spend a fortune there if I didn't retsrain myself!


MaggieC said...

You won't entice me to spend more at the moment, Shaz. Having just had those stamps made by Clarity, my allowance is gone for the month at least.. There are some good ones there though, and very much in your style. Happy Mothering Sunday. xx Maggie

MaggieC said...

Not my colouring , it was Bec's original image. I am just off upstairs to colour one in to see how I match up. Glad you liked the stamps, anyway.

MaggieC said...

I think I am taking up all your comment space today. I am glad you liked my moonlight card. It is strange how you see things differently - I was really not happy with it, it did not come out as I wanted it. I was really grumpy about it, in fact. Yet most others seem to think it is OK. See you soon. xx Maggie

Lavinia said...

MMMmm how strange?? All those Stamps would be my choices too! :)