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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

WOYWW #127

OK, I think its time for whoever is stealing all the days between Wednesdays to own up. And the person stealing all the weeks until Christmas for that matter. Where are they all going? Do we have a black hole somewhere they are all dropping into? Or is someone secretly stashing them away to get themselves some extra time? I think its time they 'fessed up!  But seriously, here we are again at the weekly wander round the worlds workdesks- presided over by non other than the Wonderful Miss Dunnit at The Stamping Ground.
 After my visit to the NEC, and my goody stash (here) all put away,and yes, Julia, that is definitely a years worth, Lol, I got down to a few tags. Some are in the previous post, but these two were inspired by some display cards on the Inkylicious stand. I liked their samples so much, I bought the stamps- that reminds me of an old advert!
I liked these stamps because they reminded me of a cat we used to be owned by- she was forever hiding amongst the garden plants to catch butterflies, gently carrying them indoors then letting them go. She was very fond of doing the same thing with mice too- and worms when it had been raining! Ick! There is little worse than treading on a worm in bare feet in the dark, honestly.Makes me shudder to think of it.
  The cat & butterflies are one stamp set, which has a sitting cat in it as well, the willow branches is a separate one. The flock of birds is yet another set, and it has a lot of single birds and flying birds in it. Really useful little set. This one doesn't seem to be on their site yet, so I couldn't link to it. The tree is from a Crafty Individuals Crafty Elements sheet, CI 209. The tag on the right has an assortment of small grasses and flowers,mainly from Chocolate Baroque,Autumn Hedgerow, the hanging leaves are from Lavinia Stamps,Leaf Trail, and one of the little birds sitting on a branch.

For anyone who likes small metal embellishments to add to tags/cards etc,like these:
 go look at the post about the NEC, there is a link there to the company I got them from, Riverside Beads, and they are SO, SO cheap!
 Final thing for this week, an e-bay purchase- lots of watch workings. The one thing I really have been short of is this sort of stuff to add to tags etc. 

 As Marg posted, we went to see our Granddaughter Merlin in a little concert for the Grandparents- they were wonderful. As were the cheese scones that we had back at Margs. I can most definitely vouch for the scrumptiousness of them- they have to be eaten to be believed! If you haven't made any yet & tasted them, you do not know what you are missing. Trust me on this, you will be totally unable to eat just one. Unless its the last one, and the next batch are still in the oven.

 On the subject of the box I was looking for, I discovered two things: One, My Beloved Hubby reads ALL my blog posts, lol! I assumed he just looked at the pictures and read the comments- WRONG!
  The second thing I discovered was I should have Googled for them- I found somewhere via Amazon- and they do them in all sorts of sizes, from 2 compartments up to 12, I think.  They are called Coins Accessorise, and they have all sorts of  wooden items besides, like jewellery boxes, tags,hanging shapes, wine bottle boxes, coasters,and some fantastic little sets of drawers, and they are really cheap! Perfect for decorating/altering. Here's a picture of one of the drawer sets-£8.69.
Had to share this place- its the sort of thing we are always looking for, isn't it? I see lots of Birthday pressies for next year here. So my little box has arrived, and although Beloved Hubby knows about it now,( he thought it was a great idea, phew), he doesn't know what it will look like when he gets it. I also just realised you have a picture of my penguin cursor on the drawers- his name is Nux. :). Well I hope everyone has a great Wednesday, and I shall be seeing you later on.


ScrappnBee said...

Love the penguin cursor! Too funny that he actually reads your blog! (*waving*-just in case he reads the comments too!) What a funny cat to be owned by. I think that is the first that I have heard of that hunted...and shared worms. Happy WOYWW -Amanda

Bella said...

LOL that your hubby reads your blog! I love the watch parts, I must go look at ebay, we can't get them locally as all the watch parts now are plastic! Thanks for the heads up!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thought I would stop by for a short visit before I went to bed. I know what you mean by stepping on worms. Not a lot of fun. But I sure like that cat and butterflies stamp set. Happy WOYWW from #4.


My boy cat never bothered with mice and things (left that to his sister) it was always worms and bread.......
Looks like you had a good root around the NEC I can never be bothered to get myself in the thick of it all. Love the previous poppy post. You should have plenty to see you through to next years show ;) Thanks for the info on the little drawers I love that sort of thing and never know where to get them from. (Penguins are great too :D)

Helen said...

Just looked at your haul from the NEW - wow you bought lots! Hope to see some fab art you create with it - it is all gorgeous.
happy woyww, #1

jude said...

Wow what a stash you have bought must keep you going for a good while.Now you just have to find time to play with them all.Your tags are fab!
Happy wednesday
hugs judex5

Annie said...

I’m doing a quick dash round as many desks as I can to see what you’ve all been up to. So much fab creativity going on everywhere I go. It’s really brilliant. Keep doing what you do best and have a great week
Annie x #51
ps mine reads my blog too :-)

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh dear!! That could be a mistake!! He'll find out just what you've been buying now!!! Luckily mines a technophobe, he only knows how to operate the tv remote lol

Lovely tags, and a beautiful stamp, can see why you were inspired by it,


Lou #46

sandra de said...

Lovely tags and I think I have had a cat very similar. Would always go outside and find things to share with me. Gorgeous little set of drawers and I am envious of your watch findings. I searched and searched for these when I did a steampunk atc. Thanks the for the link for those cute little embellishments.

Neil said...

Hi there. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us this week. I hope the rest of the week goes well and creative too! off to see your NEC post for the link. thanks for sharing
Neil #57

lisa said...

Inkylicious stamps are gorgeous aren't they. I have these cat stamps too and love them. Your tags are beautiful.
Must check out that link for the metal bits and bobs and love your little box.
Hugs Lisax #74

Ann B said...

Lovely tags and how lucky to find those watch parts - I'm never so lucky.
AnnB #65

MaggieC said...

Thanks for your appreciation of the cheese scones. Have you made any yourself yet? Bec is complaining that I never make her any, so that might be today's job. How many more blogs doe you very kind husband read? That is frightening. Mine sometimes watches me typing and then my fingers always turn to jelly. I love that tag at the top - an excellent stamp.

Hels Sheridan said...

**waves hello to Mr ShazSilverWolf** cos he reads the comments too.. bless.. my Grim always reads my blog posts too.. aren't they lovely huh?
Your goodies from the NEC are FAB... and those watch parts... I have watch part envy now rofl Thanks for the "enabler" link too... am off there for a snoop now... I shouldn't but... it would be rude not to right? Hels #57

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I too have trodden ion mouse guts in bare tootsies - the of the more unpleasant experiences in life!!! Your little cat tags are lovely though, so you can forgive the little blighter!!
I love the pile of watch bits and pieces, blingtastic. Look forward to seeing what you do with those :)
Hugs, LLJ #42 xx

Marjo said...

Awesome bunch of goodies, thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW.

xoxo Marjo

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Oh just look at all the metal trinkets...Love them...
Your tags are to Cute!!
Thanks for stopping by today and the kind words too!!

The Crafty Elf said...

Wow...my hubby wouldn't read mine unless I asked him too! LOL Love all those little bits they're really great aren't they? Look at those drawers too...so stinkin cute! Thanks for visiting and have yourself an awesome week my friend!

Craftgirl said...

I love your little set of drawers and see many uses and ideas for them. Will check them out. Thanks.
Carol #119

My name is Cindy said...

Love the tags. Slugs are the problem in our house.NOT nice in the middle of the night. And I swear I bought the self same collection of watch parts from ebay - mine came out of the plastic bag in to a little pot and have stayed there ever since. Will have to return to see what you do with yours. Loving those little draws too - thanks for sharing! Happy WOYWW Cindy @ #71

Spyder said...

I do love little draws, never have enough!! Found two little sets in my attic, not sure if to leave them as they are or 'do some thing with them!!'Have a great week, Happy WOYWW ((Lyn))) #66

Hazel said...

Love the tags (Hazel WOYWW #89) x

fairy thoughts said...

love the tags amd if you are reading this mr silverwolf happy woyww.(does he look at other blogs and make comments too
thanks for sharing

S said...

Oh I like your tags and trinkets too. And those little compartment items look very tempting - but I dare not bring anything else into my studio. I'm glad I got around to more desks this Wednesday, I think it had been awhile since I'd checked in on you. And thanks for dropping by my blog. S #80

Angie said...

Where to start? ...Those tags are gorgeous ...so alive ....so colourful. LOve all the bits you bought ...must check up the shops you used.xx

Sam said...

Those lickle drawers are brilliant and also Nuk!!
I found your e-mail re ribbons the other day in my Junk file! How dare Mr Computer put it in there. Thanks for that I will study it closely. Just as well I check them before I trash them!! Going to have to visit the bead place now!
I can think of something worse than standing on a worm in the dark......... yewk!!
Hettie 25

Elizabeth said...

Popped over to your NEC haul post and, oh my, have you brought some gorgeous goodies back. The cats are fabulous - as is everything else. I've been owned by a few cats in my time but never one that brought home worms :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #76

Shoshi said...

We used to have a kitty who loved bringing in butterflies and worms too! Then we moved to the country and she just went crazy - she discovered mice and much else besides!! Love the tags. I love small embellishments like that and made a whole lot of moulds recently and made them with friendly plastic. Gear wheels are particularly fun! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I've done a bit more on my cards today. Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #67

Bridget Larsen said...

wow what are you going to do with all the watch innards, would love to get one of thos Tonic Studios Spring Cut Fine Tip Detail Scissors but alas I have not seen them for sale here
Bridget #28

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Hmmm, I think you've did some nice shoppings on the fair. The tags you've made are brilliant. I like this 'Lavinia' style and most of all, I like the cat. On my last fair I bought some small metals too. I use them for special cards... they give the last best accent :-D
Thanks for visiting me. xFranka

Morti said...

Thanks for all the really useful links this week - the Inkylicious stamps are lovely (went back to last week to check out the packets) and the drawer boxes from Coins Accessorise are fab. I'm eyeing up the coin capsules as well, I'm sure there's something I can do with those!

Thanks for stopping by.

okienurse said...

great post. Love all the bits and pieces...what are you going to do with all those watch bits? Sorry I am so late getting around but DH left for China yesterday and I had to spend the past week getting him ready to go. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #56

BetteK said...

Firstly SORRY ... no time to WOYWW this week ... just don't know where it has gone!
Secondly ... my hubby reads my blog when forced also but his comments are unrepeatable as he still doesn't "get" the whole concept.
LoVe the watch bits ... just the sort of thing I am always on the lookout for and never thought to look on ebay ... will save having to rummage through you-know-whose bits'n'bobs boxes in the garage! Debbie x

Victoria said...

Love the tags. Great colors! I also believe someone has been stealing days! My entire 2011 year seemed to be like that!