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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bill on canvas

Bill makes a new friend!
    Not a card for a change, this is for my eldest sons birthday. The picture was printed onto a sheet of canvas, then attached over a 7x5 canvas bought from The Works. The green dinosaurs name is Bill, and has been Ants companion since he was in his mid-teens( he's now37!). Bill goes absolutely everywhere with him- he even has a special pocket in Ants motorcycle leathers. He has his own Facebook page, and amongst his human pals, he also has Philip & Remy the dinosaurs, Bertie the Peacock and Terry the Dalek.
 As you can guess, Ant is very, very fond of Bill- so I thought this canvas print would be a great Birthday present for him.This picture was taken in Canada earlier this year when my son & his family went on holiday, and clearly Bill really enjoyed all the snow!
    Oh and yes, there IS a (slight) strain of eccentricity in my side of the genetic pool, lol.

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The Crafty Elf said...

Huge fan....maybe because I'm Canadian! Love it! Entertaining post, thanks!


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