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Wednesday 2 November 2022

WOYWW 700 - So its time to empty...

So, in the new year I am moving from the house Sharon and I shared for 24 years, to start a new life with Cheryl, we are going to rent for a while, and while we do this place will be rented out until such a time that I decide to sell it.

This leaves the issue of Sharon's craft supplies and how to rehome them.

As you know, Sharon was the enabler extraordinaire and as a result has collected a lot (understatement) of crafting stash & stuff, probably 99% of which I would like to pass on to the community with donations in return to charity. 

I know that there are a fair few pennies worth of stamps, stencils, ink refillers and stuff in that room and I need to shift it all before I can move out, so this is where you all come in (pretty please). 

Our family will be having a small amount, and the Lavinia binders are promised already to a close friend, the pens as well.

The rest are all available, as are the big shot and big shot pro, along with all the plates and stuff to go with them.

Of course, I feel horrible letting this stuff go, so please don't ask to break up stuff; Binders draws and shelve I would prefer you to take the lot, as this is hard enough as it is as I am sure you can appreciate.

Please head over to Julia's desk at the stamping ground and check in on the actual crafting being done.

Whatever is not gone by the new year will simply end up at a charity shop, so if you can pass it on to someone that can make use of it then that would be ace.

In return, please donate to Cancer Research at this address

And finally...

Pictures below, if you need a better picture then please let me know xx


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Firstly, I’m so thrilled for you and Cheryl and wish you both every happiness together - life is too short and we have to grab it with both hands and you have! Wow, I hadn’t realised the enormity of clearing that amount of stuff, there’s a lot and all those beautiful storage boxes too. Hope some of the deskers are able to help xx
HUgs LLJ 6 xxx

Doug Brooks said...

Thank you Jan

We got engaged on Friday too, so it's time you know, I couldn't post that or include it here as that will be for my own blog xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Congrats Doug, I too believe in continuing to live a life with special people if one so wishes. It's not fun to be alone. 18 yrs I did just that. Wishing you the very best. I think I'll start to clean out! Best Wishes on getting this all placed and donating is always great. Enjoy each day.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I'm sure everyone understands what you're doing and you are so lucky to have found someone you want to spend your life with so you go for it Doug xXx

Sarah Brennan said...

What great news Doug. I wish you both a fabulous fresh start together. Local schools I am sure would accept donations of paints, inks, card and consumables I am sure - try contacting the art departments. If you need any help sorting out let me know and we can set something up. If I could possible have the Umbrella man Tim Holtz die I would be really grateful as Shaz lovingly cut me some samples of that die at the last crop we were together and I have nearly finished using them. Let me know what you would like for it. Stay safe and Happy 700th WOYWW. Sarah #1

Helen said...

Firstly I am so happy for you both! You need to grab life and enjoy it whilst you can. Next, Good luck with the de-stash - I know it won't be easy! Happy WOYWW Helen #3

Tracy said...

Wishing you both good things in life together Doug ⭐️ Good luck with the destash not an easy task for you 🙏 hugging you close Tracy #15 xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Doug, delighted to hear your good news and wish you and Cheryl much happiness together. That's a lot of crafty stuff to find homes for. Before moving house recently, I donated a lot of my crafty goodies to a home for people with educational difficulties. Perhaps there's such an establishment near you. In the meantime, good luck with the move. Hugs, Elizabeth x #23

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Doug, I’m late getting around this week, so already know your engagement news and I’m thrilled for you both. I understand the wrench that getting rid of all the craft stuff is too, but am going to make it a bit harder I’m afraid. Job lots are really difficult to sell and the buyers will want to see pics of stamps particularly, and makes of re-inkers etc so that they can be sure they match ink pads already owned etc. I recognise that you aren’t selling for profit but even so, people will want to pick and choose. Smaller bundles…eg five ink pads and matching re-inkers…the small round acrylic blocks are I think, particular to the cardio stamps so could go in with those. You need some help, for sure, I reckon it’s as big a job as the rest of the house will be! I’m not free till after Nov 20, but will happily come up for a couple of days to sort and photograph if it will help, maybe even come back with a car load and sell them from here. There are a few Facebook pages you can offer the stuff on too, but again, delivery will come into play. I honestly think you might have to put the whole room into storage and take your time with it…’selling’ it before Christmas is probably a full time undertaking. I’m sorry to be such a downer. I can see things in the photos that I’d like so would have to arrange to come and fetch anyway, so Make use of me if you can!

My name is Cindy said...

Hello Doug, so pleased for you and Cheryl - that is just wonderful news and I wish you both the very best. But what a difficult task you now have. Julia has made some great points above and I hope she can help you. Love n hugs, Cindy xx

Tivoli said...

delighted to hear your good news

jeux blackjack said...

Thanks for your effort and dedication in making this blog so helpful

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