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My (New) and old Craft room & Personal photos

              January 1st, 2013.


Well the long awaited new room is finally complete, so this is the story, from start to finish.


 This was the room just after my son moved out, and before we'd finished our bedroom, so loads of decorating stuff lying around ( as well as a few things Youngest Son left behind!) 

 First off was stripping off the wallpaper, then give the window a makeover. It had wooden framing all around it,(right)and when that was removed, the lead weights from the old style sash windows were still in the cavity!

 The old gas pipe in the wall from when these houses (pre-1900) had gas lamps.


The plaster and lath ceiling also came down. 

Poor Hubby had to pull every one of these nails out, after ripping down the laths.


Hubby re-built the widow, then the whole room got re-plastered.

Hubby didn't do the plastering, he's just having a bit of a tidy up here.

I'm not usually one for painted walls, but I'd decided that for my room I just wanted Black & White- so three walls were painted white, and the chimney breast wall has a fabulous sparkly black wallpaper.



Just how cool is this wallpaper, lol ?

Laminate floor went down next-(currently in B&Qs sale) .............. and I got to ceremoniously fit the last piece of skirting board! All that remained was to mask the laminate, so the skirting could be varnished- this was the same skirting that I tripped over & fractured my shoulder blade, lol. I actually ended up masking this at about 2 o'clock one morning, when my shoulder aching stopped me from sleeping.


First item in was my computer desk, then the assembly of the Ikea furniture began- this was the really exciting bit, as it meant it was almost there!


Expedit 5x5 cube was the first assembled-love it! Each cube is 13" square, so it holds pretty much anything.

Next item was another Expedit cube, this time a 4x2, with a desk attached. Absolutely perfect, as I wanted somewhere easily accessible for my Big Shot Pro, Cuttlebug etc, where I could also have plates/dies & folders to hand.

 Hubby assembling the first of three tables- love the fact that you can get them in varying widths and lengths, so I had two narrow ones (60cm wide) to go along the walls, and a 75cm wide one for my main workdesk.

 Deciding on the best desk layout.


My main workdesk, with a drawer unit at one end- great drawers- really sturdy, and really long too! 

(By now you have probably noticed Beloved Hubbys Spirit Level in place on everything he's building,lol.)

This is as far as they pull out, but there is about another 6" of space in there,so I put cutlery trays in the fronts, and then I can put 'spare' stuff behind them, but still get to it easily.

Third & final table fits along the back wall next to the cube. Had to change the legs on this one in the end, as I wanted to put drawer units I already had under it, and they were too tall for the standard legs.

The door is waiting to go back up, it was just easier to move everything, and build stuff before it went on again. 

Everything starting to go in place-or until I decide it's in the wrong place, and start tweaking things.


Bottom left of the big cube are drawer units- 2 drawers per cube. You can also get doors, or a variety of different boxes to fit them.
The CD/DVD racks also Ikea.


                                                                                     Storage room under the Cube desk too!

 The last big job is to un-mount most of my woodmounted stamps, I'm just keeping the really large ones on wood, all the rest will go into binders. Takes up much less space!

And this below was my old craft room- thought I'd better swap the posts round- it gets a bit confusing, lol.

My Peel-offs, stored in Ring Binders, and organised by theme. Mainly I use Letters & Numbers, and Borders.

 My Unmounted stamps, stamped onto A5 sheets and stored in A5 ring binders.Stamped and sorted by theme, easy to find what I have in, say, Oriental, or Mens Images.
Shelves built by Beloved Husband, Binders on bottom shelf contain all my u/m stamps. Next one up is peeloff binders and card storage.Next shelf has binders containing vellums, decoupage sheets and ideas files. Top shelf is stuff that doesn't fit into the other shelves, lol.

My wood mounted stamps and inkpad storage, again built by Beloved Husband.

My Pc corner with my X-Blade PC, handbuilt by Beloved Husband, who is known as the IT expert in the house. The graphics card has blue lights on it, which obviously makes it better & faster, lol.

How cute is this? A squirrel having lunch, not bothered about us working in the garden at the time.


I'm Ambrose and I'm having a nap,ok?

This is me looking cute.


    And this is me looking fierce. You can see that, right?

   Photos from our Wedding, 10th October 2009
                                             Me & Doug, arriving at the Registry Office.

Doug waiting at the front, me entering with my eldest son, Ant, taking my Dads role, as he died a few years ago.

Just after the ceremony - me with the Marriage Certificate in my hand.

All making our way to the Register Office. 

On the Grass at the rear of the Register Office.
                                                             Love this pic- so sweet.

Granddaughter Merlin and Grandson Mortimer with us.

     This is another sweet photo.
                                                                   We're Married!

                          Our Car, with his ribbons, the flower-power car next to it is our Daughter-in-laws!


My Beloved Husband looks fantastic.

               Signing the Register.
                                                           Another picture I love.

With our respective Mothers.

                                            My eldest Son, Ant, with his Father-in-law, Geoff.

                                                                 It's a Goth Thing!!!!!

                             My son Ant with his wife Becky, her parents, Geoff & Marg (Silvercrafter)
                                              and our grandchildren, Mortimer & Merlin.

As the wedding was in October, we expected it to be quite chilly, hence Dougs Brocade coat and my Super-size cloak. As you can tell from the pictures, the men were in short-sleeved shirts, the women in strappy/strapless dresses. It was HOT!!!!!


Jinny Holt said...




danibecki55 said...

You both looked absolutely gorgeous & what a day the weather was in your favour !!

Congratulations to you both

Eileen xx

Ardyth said...

These are FAB! I love that you were true to your style and did things the way you wanted! Thanks so much for sharing these and joining in the Anniversary Fun!

Darnell said...

Thank you so much for joining in Ardyth's link in celebration of our anniversary! I love all your pictures, Shaz! You all did Goth up right and it was fun sharing your photos!!

Shoshi said...

Wow, Shaz, that is really different! How gorgeous and rich it all looks. Your dress is a dream! Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos.

Isn't this a fun swap? Great to see everyone in their finest, with their beloved hubbies!


okienurse said...

Awesome pictures. Love the period/gothness of them. Bet you caught a few eyes that day and made them wonder whats up. Very nice! I love the goth and steampunk revival!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Your craft room looks like heaven on earth and I love, love, love your wedding outfit! Best wishes for 2015!

Granny Char's World said...

Hi just found your blog and your wedding pictures. That was a wedding right down my and my husband's alley. I wore a purple dress with a lavender veil and he wore a purple weskit and silver gray kilt. Go Goths all the way!

Shoshi said...

Shaz, I can't think why I haven't explored the pages of your blog before! This one is absolutely awesome! I so loved seeing the development of your new craft room and it made me think of all the photos I took of the development of my new ARTHaven in our new house here. And then to see all your wedding photos again! It's just great!!

Off to explore your other pages before I go to bed.


Sofie V said...

I love your wedding pictures! You both looked great with your beautiful goth clothes. All love all things gothic. My husband and I married in 2009 too!

Greetings, Sofie

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