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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

WOYWW #437- The Escaped from Hospital Edition.

Yes, I'm finally free, and hopefully will stay that way. I'm so sad at missing the crop, and all the people I'd have met for the first time, but fingers crossed another chance will come along soon. I'd gone to the GP on the Friday evening, but he couldn't find anything wrong, but I spent Saturday lay asleep most of the time on the sofa, and Sunday, apart from getting up for a shower, I spent in bed. I knew something was wrong, but not what, so I kept my appointment on Monday to see my Oncologist at the local hospital. Who took one look at me, standing there with sweat literally running from me, and told me he wanted to admit me. Which became even more important when he got a nurse to take my blood pressure and it was 88 over 63! Considering they've been treating me for High Blood Pressure for two years- regularly 200+ over 120+- was a bit of a shocker. Straight away got me a wheelchair, told me to sit, and stay sat, as he didn't want me hitting the floor face first!
 Turns out I had a UTI/Sepsis incident, and have had two weeks of IV antibiotics, which have gone a considerable way to helping. I still have some infection in the flap of skin that was created after my bowel surgery, but they are trying to get me seen by someone at the QE for that, as the level of surgical expertise involved is way above theirs at the local hospital.
 One really odd thing, as I said, they'd been treating me for High Blood Pressure for two years. They took me off my BP meds 10 days ago, to get my blood pressure to come up, and it's now sitting at what is a perfectly normal reading, and has been for the last week. Go figure!

So, the photos of my desk are as they got left two weeks ago,all my purchases at Art From The Heart waiting to get put away, which I will do over the next few days. I'm not showing photos of the rest of the room, as I have stuff to put away I'd packed to bring to the crop, and it looks a complete mess right now.
 I also spent time thinking about crafts while I was stuck in my hospital bed, and one thing I did manage to come up with was a couple of plans for Art Journaling. I've wanted to dip my toes in this for a while, but was at a bit of a loss for how to start- ideas, themes and so on. I decided that I can do one that concentrates on different techniques, for starters.
 For a second one, the idea came in a bit of a convoluted way. Someone on the ward had a radio playing one morning, and one track- an old 80's one- that got played was Ian Dury & The Blockheads Reasons To Be Cheerful, (Part 3). Which I took as a brilliant idea for an Art Journal- Reasons to be Cheerful! So, having a notebook, I started jotting down ideas, setting out pages alphabetically with Reasons.  So still an idea in the bud, so to speak, but coming along nicely.
 Huge thank you's to everyone who sent me good wishes on Facebook, I did read them all.
 Looking forward to this Saturday, when I'm off to Amelias Creative Crafts, to do a workshop with Eileen Godwin. She's on the DT's for Lavinia Stamps, Sweet Poppy stencils,Designs by Ryn, and now Visible Image, and has a very distinct style and use of colour I love. Plus, back in 2010 when I first started blogging, Eileen was one of my first, if not the first, followers, and encouraged me greatly, so I've wanted to meet her for a long time now. So I'm really psyched up for that, there will be photos next week!


Helen said...

I am so pleased you are out of hospital and recovering - what a(nother) scary incident... good job your oncologist was on the ball! I love your goodies you are waiting to use and hope they get put to action soon. Your journal plans sound great - I never plan my pages- I look forward to seeing them, especially Reasons to Be Cheerful! Take care and enjoy the workshop. xx Helen #?

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Glad to hear you are home, my friend has a neighbor with all the similar issues you are going thru. Prayers all goes well. Liking the new stamps sets you have, hope you get a chance to play with them soon. Your journal sounds fun. Keep being cheerful

Neet said...

Eileen is a wonderful teacher and you already know how great her work is. Enjoy!
So sorry to read all about your accident and how things turned out for you. You were missed at the crop but there will be a next time and Doug will be instructed to wrap you in bubble wrap for a couple of weeks prior to the meet.
Take care and don't overdo it, please.
Hugs Neet xx

BJ said...

Oh so glad you are out of hospital at last, it was a bit of a shock when I read about it all on Facebook. As for the blood pressure, I'd personally say God has a hand in that but not sure if you are a believer, well I am and he still likes to do miracles. So love your idea for the alphabetical journal on reasons, love the old 80's music that one in particular. Take care, hugs BJ#6

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Shaz. Great news you are back home. Take it easy and enjoy your workshop, and show off what you made next week. Your reasons to be cheerful journal sounds fun! Have a lovely week, Heather #7

Annie said...

I’m so thrilled to hear you are home and that the antibiotics have worked their magic. I really hope you continue to improve daily and can enjoy your workshop.
Big hugs,
Annie x #9

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Shaz, so glad you finally escaped. Art journaling is very addictive and I'm sure you'll love it. I like your reasons to be cheerful idea. I follow a couple of weekly prompts on several Facebook groups; Junk Journal Junkies and Mindful Art (Lou Withers) and Art journal Proms (Nina Ribena). Hope to see some of your pages soon. Hugs. Sarah #?

Christine said...

So pleased to hear you're on the road to recovery. A good workshop could be just the medicine.... so long as you take it easy of course!
Do let us know how it went.
Christine #17

Diana Taylor said...

Gosh that sounds like quite an ordeal you went through Shaz, I'm so glad you are feeling a lot better and are at home now. I hope you continue to make great progress. You've got some fabulous new stash to get stuck into (I love the Paper Artsy moth stamp) and the idea of the Reasons to be Cheerful journal is just great.
Enjoy your workshop on Saturday,
Hugs, Diana xx #19

Anne said...

Hello Shaz. I am so sorry to read about all this. I hadn't seen it on FB. I was sorry not to be able to catch up with you again at the crop - but had no idea about what you have been going through. So glad you are home and feeling better. Look after yourself. Anne x #13

Julia Dunnit said...

So glad it's all been logged and starting to sort you again...you're a medical example you are! We missed you at the crop of course, but I promise there'll be another, and it might be closer to you and sooner than you think! Meanwhile, I love the idea for the journal, and `I think your dipping of a toe will be fascinating. I shall do it vicariously. I've never got past the toe because it always feels so contrived, so I'm fascinated to see and read your thoughts. Xxxxxxx

Tracey said...

I hope you're feeling better Shaz.
Fabulous long desk :D Thanks for sharing.
Tracey x

dutchess said...

So glad to hear you are out of hospital and on the way to feeling better.....and well enough to go off to your workshop on Saturday..have a fabulous time and take care xxxx

craftyani said...

Glad you are home nothing better than your own bed. Love the idea of your art journal - Reasons to be Cheerful. Have a good week. Anickoana #14

Lunch Lady Jan said...

So good to see you back home - I was singing The Great Escape music whilst readin your blog! That's weird about your BP though, given how high it's been in the past. Don't be tempted to do too much though, missus, give yourself a chance to properly recover. I did a Reasons to be Cheerful on FB a few years back, it was a great way of celebrating the positive things in life. And it's a brilliant track by one of my all time fav bands, the bass player in the Blockheads was a genius!!
Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

Shoshi said...

I'm shocked to hear about your awful experience, Shaz - I had no idea you'd been in hospital! I hope you are well on the road to recovery now. Perhaps the incident has kick started your system into maintaining a healthy BP level on its own now! You've been through so much and I hope and pray you will now continue to be fine, and get your life back properly!! I'm also concerned to hear that your original surgery site is still infected and causing problems. High time that was sorted out for you, too!

Nice to come back to new stash to play with, though! Have fun with that.

Thank you for your lovely comment - Miss Piggy, my hernia, has come back and I'm seeing my surgeon sometime soon (no appointment yet) and hopefully he'll agree to do a proper repair on it - I certainly don't want a repeat performance with the blockage and emergency surgery I had at the beginning of the year that made me so poorly. The kitties are growing so fast - but as my hubby says, not yet growing UP! You should have seen them this a.m. - utter babies!! So glad you like my cards and I'm flattered you want to try the same design! Once I'd worked out what to do it wasn't hard but I just wish I'd finished them better, using card instead of paper for the toppers. Margaret is a poppet. We've met several times now - when her lovely hubby John was alive. She tries to visit when down in our neck of the woods. Always great to see people from WOYWW - I feel a bit cut off down in Devon!!

Take care of yourself, and have a great week.
Shoshi #8

StampinCarol said...

So glad you're doing better and home! What an experience! And how strange of your blood pressure. Well, am saying some prayers for you total healing. Take care of yourself!
Carol N #23

Stacy Sheldon said...

whew, it sounds like it was a very good thing you kept your appointment. it was so good to see your name on the list this morning, I have been thinking about you. :) maybe all the other changes you have gone through over the years have made a difference with your blood pressure? (maybe you wont need those meds anymore?) that would be something right.
I was reading the thought process about the journal nodding along going yes, yes. oh, sounds very cool so far. :) Its good to "see" you Shaz, have a good week! ~Stacy # 26

Heidi Stamps said...

I am glad you were well enough to be released from the hospital. I am sorry to hear you were so ill! I have heard that the UTIs are often hard to detect, but they do a number on you! I do hope that you will have steady blood pressure from now on. Hope you also get some crafty therapy time in. Be well!

lisa said...

Hi Shaz. Ohh I'm so sorry to hear you've been poorly, sounds scary but the hospital sounds like they are on the ball with getting you diagnosed so quickly. And if you've come out with some great crafty ideas, then it all sounds good. I'm dipping my toe in journaling but finding it quite hard as I'm never sure where to go with it. Good Luck with it all have a great workshop.
hugs Lisax #16

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Shaz Can't type much - the eye. Busy desk, cool haul!
Rose #31

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Shaz, I was so happy to see you pop up on my blog this morning, knowing that it must mean that you are up and about and out of hospital. Sounds like a horrible ordeal and a little frightening as well. Hopefully, you can put all this behind you now. Glad to hear that you spent your time in hospital constructively - some great ideas there for art journalling. I don't normally theme my journals - I'm just not organised enough - but I love your ideas! Best wishes - look after yourself! Soon you'll be back to 100% I'm sure. xx zsuzsa #22

cuilliesocks said...

Oh my goodness you've had a time of it Shaz, good to hear that you are recovering, take care Kate x

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, pleased to hear you're back home and recovering. Hope you enjoy the workshop and don't forget to show us your makes. Have a great woyww and a lovely creative week, Angela x10x

Debby said...

So happy to hear you are home now and getting back on track with your health, Shaz!
Love no hugs,

April Story said...

So glad they figured out what was wrong and that the anti biotics are helping. Can't wait to see your journal pages.
April #21

Marit said...

Oh how I love "Reasons to be cheerful' and it sounds like a perfect theme for an art journal (I once had a blogseries called that way at the end of a year, I think it was 2009...) So sorry to read about your 'accident'... our health is something strange and unpredictable and it always has me in shock when something happens. I remember the day I got a noseblood (?) that wouldn't stop - turned out my blood pressure was waaaaay to hight! (Have medicines since that day) but I had not noticed that at all... we're both strong and fragile beings... Before I get all too philosiful I better stop now... take care Shaz! And thanx for stopping by my blog yesterday, hope your week is bright and shiny! Love from The Netherlands, Marit #18

Twiglet said...

Oh Shaz - what a time you have had. So glad you were in the right place for quick treatment. Let's hope they get it all sorted for you soon. Good health is worth more than anything isn't it. Take care. xx Jo

misteejay said...

Glad to hear your BP readings have improved and you are back home.
Wishing you well.
Toni xx

Lindart said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and out of the hospital - that must have been quite a scare! Glad your blood pressure is normal again - hope it stays that way! Your two ideas are great ones! A journal to play with different techniques is essentially what I am doing with my book study each month. I love song lyrics, and often put them in my journal pages. The idea to make list of things to be cheerful about is awesome - kind of like a gratitude journal. Have fun this weekend! Thanks for sharing, have a great week! Lindart #34

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Shaz glad very glad you’re better saw lats week that you’d been poorly.
Funny Eileen was one of my first encouragers too think we stared round same time and I’d been following her through Ikkis blog since about April, then she showcased one of my cards once in early in days too. Kind of lost touch with blog but pop in on her blog occasionally she’s certainly changed her style too and has great colour use ... and am sure you’d learn much from her tutorial this weekend, glad you’re better, very curious re the BO too, pray it stays that way dear friend.
Hugs and much prayer from Downunder, love your yummy stash and the new ideas sound grand. Esp love those mini archival inks. Haven’t seen them before.
Shaz in Oz.x

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Eeeek auto correct drives me nuts, why did it insist on BO rather than BP I wrote BP it changed it to BO and corrected it, then it must’ve changed it again... sighhhhhhh 🙁 ❤️❤️

Cara said...

Sorry that you have been so ill, but relieved that you are on the mend again. Take care x

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