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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

WOYWW #365

So, starting off this weeks desk tour with a message for our much loved Head Desker, Julia, who had her surgery yesterday. Sending you lots of love, and loads of hugs, along with lots of healing wishes. And sending lots of love to to Julia's Hubby, who I know will be needing our wishes too.So this next few weeks our linking is done at the equally wonderful LLJ, who will be trying to keep us in order!

 A bit of desk to start with then, and a shot of the ATC's I sent out this year.
I will do a post on the 'how to' later in the week, but here is a small selection.

And next up is a pic of the ones I've received so far, along with their makers.

You can see Lisca's included an amazingly decorated envelope, and a Flamenco Dancer postcard.Twiglet & Wipso's fabric ATC's came together,in a card with a photo of their surrounding countryside, and a brilliant verse inside the card too.A Crazy Bird and a Crazy Cat, some very clever masking by Morti, LLJ and I both went with the heart theme- what a coincidence- Diana's textural ATC is inspired and inspiring,Cindy's bee and it's background is ace, and Debbies is another with so much texture, it's lovely. Thank you all for your ATC's- and I'm sure there will still be a few more to arrive.
I'm still working my way through the unmounting of stamps, and I think I'm about 3/4 of the way through now.
 Lovely weather this bank holiday, and much of that was spent out in the garden, building a framework for our decking.

There is quite a drop from the level of our house, to the level of the garden. Probably about 8 foot. It used to have some steps down, but they were ancient, and dangerous. Even after the steps, the garden was still on a slope, which is not really very user friendly. So a wall was built across the garden, about 15' from the house. It then got filled with all the bricks and rubble from the old wall & steps.

This was done a few years ago, probably 10 or more, and this decking had started to rot in places, so it was all ripped out, and Dougs been busy relaying a frame. It has 3 levels, in effect, a smaller top area, a step down to a smaller area, for pots and planters, probably, then a final step down to a larger  decked area. So this coming weekend will see the decking itself being laid, so more photos next week!
 But, one brilliant thing, There was not a lot I could really do to help, as I'm not allowed to lift (!), but I thought I should be able to manage the painting. Although it used pressure treated wood, Doug wanted to give it a coat of preservative, to make it last longer. And the good news is that I managed quite a bit of clambering over the frame, AND I actually managed to crouch down and then stand up, something I haven't been able to manage since my surgery. I could crouch down, but could not get myself back up- I had to call Doug to help me! So it does show that the physio is working, and it definitely helps.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

It made me smile when I saw how similar our ATCs were - great minds think alike, huh?! I'm so heartened to hear that you've become more mobile thanks to the physiotherapy, that really is fab news. Well done you :-D
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

jill said...

You've had lots of happy mail .
You must show us the garden when its all finished. Jill #17

Annie said...

I love how your decking is coming along and love the fact that you are still improving every day and using your new mobility to good use :-) Keep up the good work my friend. What a fab lot of ATCs you've already received...I will show mine when Jo and I have managed to get together to share them out :-)
Annie x #19

Helen said...

Glad the physio is working, and that you are able to move and bend and stuff - but please don't overdo it - that decking looks a big job for Doug, so hope he takes care too! Love all your atcs, both your own and the ones you received. Happy WOYWW Helen #10

Kathyk said...

FAB ATC's and pix

Best wishes to Julia too



Debbie Rock said...

I only wondered about your physio yesterday and intended to message you today to ask! Gosh, that is an awful big job with all that framework - I only want two small fence panels replacing and even that seems such a big task ... I shall show your photo's to Phil to try and encourage him along!!!! Don't all the ATC's look amazing as a collection ... fascinating to see everyone's differing styles coming together to celebrate the 7th Anniversary ... just wonderful. Happy WOYWW'ing dear Shaz. Love Debbie #26 xXx

Barb said...

Your ATCs are lovely and you got some beauties back. It's good to hear that you are getting on well with the physio and mobility is improving Shaz. Lots of work going on in your garden. I look forward to seeing the photos when it's finished. Barbxx

glitterandglue said...

Good morning, Shaz. Firstly - THANK YOU. Your little gift of an ATC simply because... was just so kind. It is now sitting proudly on one of the NEW shelves in my craft space!
Secondly, how lovely that you are feeling so good, and that the physio is obviously doing so much. My elder daughter (a physio!!!) would tell you it is a much maligned and under-used are in the NHS - but you are proof it is doing a huge amount of good. I'm so pleased - you went through such a lot, and are really making a great recovery.
Thirdly, what a project! 150ft of fencing, and now all that decking. Makes my paultry little hour of gardening this morning look pretty pitiful! I did do an hour and a half yesterday as well. Just have to do it whilst John is asleep and doesn't need me...
Fourthly - what a lovely group of ATCs you have received. They do all look great - lots of photos splashing around the internet this morning of all the goodies!!!
Take care, dear girl. God bless.
Margaret #15

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Dear Shaz Silverwolf,

Well done on all your desky loveliness too,and on sorting out those stamps too need to update my stamp catalogue actually, rather out of date.. so much for saying I'm NOT getting any more!

And WOW, Shaz! What great atcs, but then the desky lot are very clever, aren’t they?
Mine is en route, posted last week to you...
Well done to Doug, too, on that decking, now that is one whole lot of work there!
... and good news on better movement for you :D
Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #33

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Morning, Shaz. It is a bit cold and soggy here, isn't it? True Flaming June weather. Not quite the weather for deck laying. Definitely a time for snuggling down with crafting of some kind. Have a good week. xxx Maggie #2

sandra de said...

Lovely collection of atc's and your deck and garden space is already looking stunning. Pleased to hear you have more movement .. I am a big advocate of physio. Hopefully my atc will get to you shortly. Have a lovely week.
sandra de @36

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Beautiful ATC's - look forward to the how to - some cool ones received in return! That looks like a big job in your back garden! Wishing you a lovely week! zsuzsa #37

LisaDV said...

so glad the physio is working. Your deck will be amazing when finished. Love your ATC's too. Happy Wednesday! LisaDV #38

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Just to satisfy your curiosity, Shaz, the box with the circular grid is designed by Roy at Candy Box Crafts to store the tiny bottles like Stickles and Liquid Pearls. You can leave the grid free so that you can grab things that fall through or to allow you to use it as a flat tray. xxx Maggie. #2

StampinCarol said...

So glad you're getting stronger and better each day! The ATCs are fantastic! Maybe nest year.... Anyway, the deck levels are great! I bet this will be fabulous and greatly used! Thanks for the visit and happy WOYWW!
Carol n #9

Diana Taylor said...

Your garden is looking great so far, and really taking shape - let's hope we have a lovely summer so you can be out enjoying it. It's great that you are managing to do so much - physio is such an easy thing to forget to do, or give up on if it gets uncomfortable or painful - so give yourself a pat on the back (if you can twist round that far!), your hard work is paying off. You have a lovely collection of ATC's there - they look good together despite all being so very different from each other. This was my first swap and I had no idea it would be so much fun - I've loved getting 'real' mail through the post!
Thanks so much for your earlier visit and kind comments, I hope you have a good week,
Diana #29

Claire Grantham said...

Hey Shaz, thanks for swinging by my blog and for your encouraging comments about giving up smoking. Its never easy, but yay you for managing nearly a year smoke free. That decking is going to look amazing when it's done. Getting your mobility back must make you want to do a happy dance. But becareful. Cx #7

dmgarafalo said...

Love your back yard, it will be lovely, I started a similar project at my home & it is not complete yet (oh for the record - I have been living for work purposes 3000 miles away - no wonder its not complete) Those atc's are wonderful.

Sharon Koole said...

Lovely ATCs - both the ones you sent and the ones received. Your garden is coming along nicely. I was going to work on mine today but of course it is raining!

Have a great week
Sharon K #5

Robyn said...

Love your header photo and flowery tribute to healing for dear Julia! Lovely ATC's and wonderful looking construction!
robyn 3

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh your garden is going to look super! Good for you that you were able to help with the painting. I did smile about not being able to get up. Not nice of me to do that, but I so know what that feels like!
Aren't those ATCs beautiful. I really love them. Thank you so much for yours. (And the decoupage stuff!). I have sent you an email separately.
Have a good week,
Happy WOYWW,

Mrs.D said...

Hi Shaz, lovely lot of ATC's you had there.
Thanks for visiting my page, unfortunately we can't chose where we take the boat, as canals are where they are, so we do or don't have internet as it happens at the time.
On the subject of the stamps your are storing, do the acrylic ones just stick to the laminated sheets, or do they need glue as well? I have bought the glue, and while we are on the boat will work on the rubber ones, but I just wondered about the acrylic ones.
Bless you
Chris #40

Monica said...

Well Shaz posting from Bloglovin to see if it works. Not my week for commenting.

It must be the time of year when male hormones require deck renovation. Chris is working on ours. I only help if no-one else is available. Thankfully his buddies all like to help.

Neet said...

Lovely atc's, both sent and received - and thank you so much for mine.
So glad that Doug is pulling the reins on you doing too much with the work around the house. Great looking decking going up, will be lovely to use it this summer, that is if we get some sunny days. Hope you are nicely sheltered and can boast of a real sun spot in your garden.
Have a cocktail or two whilst waiting for it to be finished.
Hugs, Neet 14 xx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, lovely collection of ATCs. The decking will be great when complete. The weather has been awful here today, myself and some friends went out walking and we had to wear fleeces and raincoats, it was more like winter! Anyway, have a great woyww and happy crafty week. Thanks for the visit to mine too. Angela xXX

Kim said...

I can't wait to see the finished deck! Glad your recovering too; its' so frustrating when you can't do what you used to! I Loved looking at all your ATC's..I love all the creativity this group shares. Have a great week!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wasn't it a glorious weekend? We were blessed with such good weather, I had to keep checking it really was a Bank Holiday! The decking is going to be fabulous. What a great job your hubby is doing.

Fiona #58

BJ said...

Went into Sutton yesterday to get my son some smart clothes for his work experience week in July so didn't get around to replying to any WOYWW posts at all! WOW you sent and received loads. Love your rainbow ones and you better have a look for your mini easels now - LOL - Happy belated WOYWW BJ#32

Carmen said...

That is going to make such a difference to being able to use your garden! It already looks amazing! A massive and intricate jigsaw puzzle. Huge congratulations in the improvement of your mobility too.

Carmen x #47

Cara said...

Beautiful ATCs, so glad to hear that you're getting the garden sorted, it does make the world seem better if you have an outside space that you can enjoy. Great news that your mobility is improving too. Cara x

Kelly said...

Shaz!!! Smiling from ear to ear at your physical improvement. So happy for you, my dear. Doug is quite the handy guy and the decking is coming right along. Look forward to future pics!

All of my stamps except the small clear ones (in the baseball card sleeves binder) are all cataloged. I'll get them to my craft cabinet app later. For now, I just want this studio finished! Bob is hanging a new shelf as I type. Was suppose to be a simple corner shelf but because that corner of the original house is not square, it's been taking him almost 2 hours! But we're getting there LOL
Creative Blessings! Kelly aka Rain

Aimeslee W. said...

Kudos to Doug and to you for your self-discipline with the therapy. I know he helps you. Also, that is some cool design work and carpentry in your garden, more kudos! xoxo

Marit said...

Oh wow, I love the ATCs you made ánd the ones you received. Great event to celebrate the anniversary, isn't it? I'm a bit jealous on your garden, it's going to be great!!! Good luck with the frame and happy (belated) woyww. Hug from Holland, Marit #45

Twiglet said...

Wow Shaz that garden is going to be soo useful and perfect! Love it! Thanks lots for our ATCs - I passed Annie's to her today and we love them! x Jo

Annie Claxton said...

HI Shaz, sorry to be so late visiting this week. I love your ATCs, very artsy and lovely colours. Good luck with the decking, it will be so worth it once it's all sorted, hope you are out theire enjoying some more sunshine, it's just cleared up here so I will be out in the garden too :o) Annie C #26

Michelle Schratz said...

Oh Shaz, that' so thoughtful sending Julia get well wishes first thing off on your blog post! I want to than you for posting on my blog earlier and of course thank you for the birthday wishes ♥ Sorry I didn't get here earlier but I just got back home from a small birthday out and about trip :-) Both the ATC's that you have sent out and the ATC's that you've received are just wonderful! We do have so many talented souls here at WOYWW. It's always so fun seeing what's going on and what everybody has created.
Wishing you all the best and keep us informed about your steps in the garden. To be honest I'd rather be in the studio painting. That sure is a lot of work you have their.
Take care
Michelle ♥