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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WOYWW #323

And....there went another week. Blink and you missed it! Some stuff on my desk this week:
What a stunning ATC, arrived this week from Bridget Larsen. This photo does not do it justice, the sepia tones are so rich, it's beautiful. Thank you, Bridget.

The dies are the result of a couple of enabling WOYWWers- you know who you are, ladies! The bottom Happy Birthday was the one I was enabled by, the second Happy Birthday just fell into my basket by accident, honestly! The snowflake die is gorgeous, almost Celtic to look at.

Part way through a second Bird Crazy card, this time I used some coloured letters for the Happy bit. Must admit, I'm loving how the Bird dies cut, they do a great job.

Final thing is a card I needed to get done, for a work colleague who gets married next month. They'll be going home to Poland to get married, so the girls at work need the card early to get everyone to sign it. Lots of gold, white and doves- all popular themes for Polish wedding cards, apparently.

So thats my desk, and it's looking a bit neater than last week.
Be a bit of a crafting flurry tomorrow, as I have Beloved Hubby's card to finish before Friday, and it would be better if the glue was all dry when he opens it, lol.
 Neet, thanks for the link to the moulds, just been and had a look. Can't believe how many she has- loads and loads. Lots of masks and faces- I love masks! Oh dear, I feel another enabled session looming on the horizon, lol. Fortunately, she's on holiday at the moment, and not shipping, so I have plenty of time to browse!

 Right, update time, and we finally have a date for the surgery- Wednesday 2nd September. Thats 3 weeks today.
 The appointment went much better this time, he even managed to make me laugh a couple of times, so we are on a better footing. I took the bull by the horns, (who, me?) when we first went in, and told him how unhappy I'd been when I left last time, and asked him if he realised that we had had no idea of the nature or implications of this surgery, last time he saw us. He admitted that no, he had not known that, and apologised for how the appointment was handled, which I have to admit immediately improved his standing in my eyes.He was very nice this time, carefully explaining everything, and indeed, so thoroughly that in fact he'd answered half my questions before I had to ask them. The Epidural, which I need, and was one of my big worries- the idea of someone approaching my spine with a needle really freaks me out-he assured me I didn't need to worry about, that was done only after I was under the anaesthetic.I admit to being slightly shocked to discover there will be him doing the bowel surgery bit, an Orthopaedic surgeon to remove the bone, a Neurosurgeon to look after the nerves, and a Plastic surgeon to move some muscle and skin! He was also very good when I asked if I could be admitted the day of the surgery, so I didn't have to be on my own the night before, as he had wanted to admit me on the Monday. He agreed to this, if I would be prepared to go back between now and the surgery to see a couple of the surgeons beforehand. As he put it, and one of the things that made me laugh- 'they like to see their prey, as it were, before they meet them on the table'! So, not feeling so stressed as I had been, but I'm sure that will change as we get closer.
I also had an MRI appointment for the 22nd of this month, but then Monday I had a call from the MRI dept, they'd been told to bring the appointment forward, and I had that yesterday morning. So now it's just a matter of seeing these surgeons, then the pre-op assessment appointment, and we'll be good to go.
 And that's another WOYWW post from me,  kept in order as always by our much loved Head Desker Julia, over at The Stamping Ground.

ADDED UPDATE:    Just had a call from the secretary of a Mr Grainger, who apparently is the Orthopaedic surgeon who will be participating in my op. I now have an appointment to see him on Friday. I phoned my DIL to let her know, and she was really pleased I was seeing him, and he'd be doing my op. She's had spinal problems since a child, and is also a trained nurse, and has seen him many times. She said he is very good, and in fact was one of the two best Ortho's she hoped I'd get. I've also had my admission letter  in the post (ours often arrives about 2.00pm), and a date for my pre op assessment, which is the 27th of August. This is now getting quite scary- for ages the op has been a vague blob on the horizon, now it's all becoming horribly real


Monica said...

That is better update. You really do have to take charge . Just when you want to be looked agter. No post from me today. Trying tocatch up with promises made at my retreat. Not sleeping due to prednisone so here i am on line.
Hugs Monica. In ho hot Tex 100 T 8 pm

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Love that wedding card, who knew that Poles had a thing about white, gold and doves! Just try not to 'enable' too much more, eh??! Lol
Have you got any plans for Friday?
Hope you and Doug have a brilliant day :-)
Hugs, LLJ 4 xx

Helen said...

Gorgeous wedding card, and love the latest crazy bird card too! Glad you had a better experience with the surgeon this time, and good that you've got a date to "look forward" too... enjoy your birthdays both of you, and have a wonderful day. much love. xx Helen 5

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Fabulous cards as always and that's much better news re the surgeon. It's not really in my nature to be confrontational, but when it came to getting the right care for my girl I had to be. You really do have to be in control of it all and it sounds like you are. Have a lovely day on Friday.

Fiona #16

Neet said...

Oh Shaz, I share your fear of so many things and you will be extra extra in my prayers from now on. I am so glad you got things straightened out with that surgeon and that you feel much better about it now. Can understand the nerves will come later but try to focus on the end result, how much better life will be.
On a brighter note, glad you found those moulds and in your head had a damned good spend.
Keep going with those crazy birds - I just love looking at your creations with them.
Loadsa ~love and Hugs, Neet 19 xxxxxxxxxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Great post gal...funny how once you speak up the consultant turns into a human that can communicate properly...I wonder if they reqllyfeel that short and dispassionate is the only way to handle things...is it taught? I dunno. Good for you, and him though. This progress helps and September is not such a far wait which can only help. Meanwhile, I'm happy to be the enabler for once!!! Love the cards...doves have disappeared from. Our wedding/romance themes...time to bring em back I say!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah Shaz so glad that things were sorted out for you with dr, that's right, if don't let them know they wont know. Will continue the prayer for all things to go along well, at right time.

So amazing to think how many specialist are working on you, we are blessed to live where such things are accessible.

Just love your new dies, too well done!! and those bird cards are so character-ful!
hugs and may God bless and keep you safely in the hollow of His hand,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

MrsC.x said...

i am so glad that you had a better appointment :) people always go up in my estimation too if they admit and apologise for their mistakes

those snowflakes are gorgeous
have a good week
happy woyww
Charlie #8
or find me here

Annie said...

Oh Shaz I'm so thrilled that things are eventually moving for you. To be on better terms with the man with the knife in his hand has god to be a plus....as I always say make sure you know how you are feeling cos it's their job to put your mind at ease as well as your body. I will be sending you lots of good vibes to get you through it all and out the other side with a good recovery.
Annie x # 23

sue jones said...

(((((((((hug)))))))) well done for getting things sorted. I do think that you have enough to deal with without extra worry xx Your card is fab and I was also impressed with the way the dies cut - make life so much easier :) . Have a wonderful week xx Soojay 22

sandra de said...

So pleased to hear your appointment was handled a lot better this time. Gorgeous card and lovely dies. Woyww are always tempting me with lovely craft must haves.
sandra de @41

Kim said...

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery! You really do need to be so proactive on your healthcare, sad but true!
I agree, the crazy bird dies are one of the best/most accurate die/stamp sets I've used. I love your colored letter technique. And who makes the snowflake die? They are quite intriguing...
-K #42

Artatag said...

Those cards are great! Your polish friend will love her wedding card and keep it in a box to remember her grand day :-)
It is good you talked to your doctor, being able to get information can limit fear. Wouldn't it be nice to just be healthy? I normally don't allow thoughts like that, because they just are not helpful - but sometimes one gets a bit weak. But times will be better and we can turn to the sunny side. I wish you the very best of luck, I will be thinking of you.
Big hugs
Gabriele 6

Annie Claxton said...

What a beautiful card Shaz, your friends will love it, the feathers add an extra bit of georgeousness! Good luck with your surgery - the waiting is the worst bit I think, but soon you will be coming out the other side safe and sound and it will all be worth it. Have a great week and enjoy being enabled! :o) Annie C #34

Sue said...

What a beautiful card.

I hope all goes ok with your op. Will be sending loads of positive healing thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Happy WOYWW.
Sue #15

Kristiina Majuri said...

Your cards are looking great, yellow-orange is such a sunny combo, it always makes my day!
Glad your appointment was better, and though it's obviously scary to actually have things happening, it is also good to know the system works and what needs to be done gets done :)
Take care, happy crafting!
Kristiina #11

Rita said...

Gorgeous cards Shaz. Hugs Rita xxx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, at least now you must feel a little more confident about the surgeon. I think the waiting is the worst part but that should soon be over. Lovely cards, look forward to seeing what else you do with the birds.
Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 24 xXx

Anne said...

Hi Shaz so glad that the appointment was so much better than last time and that you are feeling happier with the Consultant. Like the wedding card and didn't know that those colours were significant to polish people as far as weddings were concerned. Those birds are doing the rounds it would seem :-) Thanks for popping by Anne x #32

Christine said...

So doctors do have hearts then!!! Well done you for setting the scene for your appointment, and well done the doctor for realising and admitting his mistake.
Sending (((hugs))) your way.

Thanks for your visit last week, have a good week

Bishopsmate #44

Peg Robinson said...

Aren't those birds just the greatest??? I know the Op is looming and scary but so happy the doctors are working with you. Peg R 52

Shoshi said...

Aww Shaz, my heart goes out to you. I remember so well how I felt when my surgery was looming. Hang in there, it will soon be over! It sounds as if everything is moving forward according to plan, and you've got your pre-assessment set up, and the appt. with the ortho - so glad you're getting such a good guy! Thinking of you lots - both of you - at this special time. I am so glad you won't be in hospital for your birthday and I wish you both such a happy day on Friday! In the middle of your fun, spare a thought for poor old Shoshi having her chemo lol!!

Love the varied desky stuff this week - gorgeous Polish themed wedding card and I do like those crazy birdies! And the ATC is really lovely. Bridget is a clever girl!!

Thanks for your lovely comment. Glad my desk made you laugh! Brown paper isn't the most exciting thing on earth, is it.

Hope you 2 are having lots of spoilies before you go into hospital. My hubby says spoilies are Very Important!

Shoshi x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

I am so glad to hear that your appointment with your doctor or one of them went so well and that he had misunderstood what you knew about the procedures, etc. I'm glad he became a human and took time with you.

The Polish wedding card is beautiful the doves really added touch of love to the card.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Marit said...

Having a 'real date' set is a bit scary indeed... but it is a good thing as well and I'm glad you found a surgeon that seems to be good. I love the happy bird-card... so cute! Happy woyww and a warm hug (high temperatures right now overhere) from Holland, Marit #36

Twiglet said...

Your Polish card is so pretty - I love all the detail and I am sure they will too. The next few weeks will fly by and you will be the other side of your op and on the mend. Looks like all your WOYWWer friends will be sending you positive vibes too - wishing you all the very best - hugs Jo.

Stacy Sheldon said...

I am so glad to read you are feeling much better about this surgeon and being able to meet everyone else before hand sounds like a good idea too. ( hopefully they can be as explaining what they intend and such too)

had to laugh about the enablers... the specific WOYWW enablers... as far as I can tell the enablers are everywhere lol :)

thanks for the earlier visit ~ Stacy #49

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shaz, great shopping and card making going on here. Craft supplies routinely land in my shopping basket, too -- what's a girl to do? Thanks for your visit -- happy WOYWW and hugs from Laura #48

Lisca Meijer said...

I love those dies with Happy Birthday. Lettering is always a problem. I really like your crazy birdie card. Again, the lettering stands out. I must get some dies!
Thanks for all the info and updates. The op is getting close now. I'm so glad the appointment went so much better and that you are also having a top-orthopod. Now the waiting game, which really is the worst I think. I'm rooting for you!
Thanks for visiting me earlier this week. Yes, I learnt soon after posting that they were goats and not sheep! Well, I am a city girl at heart and never too old to learn.
Sorry I'm so late in commenting, but we have been away for a few days.
Have a good week and keep us updated,

Kelly said...

Such wonderful enablers you have! And yep, things fall into my basket all the time. I take it as a sign from the creative fairies ;-) Thank you for popping 'round my blog this week. Always a pleasure to have you in.

Happy to hear things are moving forward for you in your treatment. You know I send all the healing blessings and positive energy your way. Creative Blessings Kelly aka Rain #46

Kyla said...

Well done for taking charge, I find that consultants rarely have "people skills" and empathy is far down their list. Once you tackle them they are usually much better and I like the idea of "seeing the prey before they hit the table"...that would have made me laugh!

I agree with the WOYWW enablers...they know who they are....but there does appear to be a few of them!!! Rarely a week goes by without me adding something to my wish list following a desk visit!!
Thanks for visiting my desk already
Kyla #9

Shoshi said...

Shaz, thank you sooo much for your three awesome comments on my blog! I am so glad you like the goodies, and are enjoying seeing how they were made. I knew you'd laugh about the stoma gauge lol lol!! I love thinking outside the box (or in this case, perhaps, outside the bag, lol!) - I'd never thought of using those sticky labels to label paint with, though! I do use them to keep the filters dry when I shower, but I've probably got more than I need. Good tip! They actually peel off really neatly afterwards and could probably be recycled. A lot of my kitchen equipment seems to end up in my ARTHaven too... Good thing I'm not doing too much cooking atm!

I'm so glad you like the faux leathers. I've wanted to experiment with some different coloured ones so this was a golden opportunity. I just love this stuff, and it's really not hard to do. There are loads of tuts on Youtube and you can use craft card and DIs if you don't want to use acrylics. Do have a go - you'll love doing it!

I agree, it's amazing how my journey has followed yours. We were drawn together by this, and it's been great mutual support, hasn't it. We are both so blessed in our wonderful hubbies, and together we will get through to the end of this incredible journey. We are also truly blessed by your friendship.

So - I've tempted you with the Harlequin Fragments stamps have I? They are pretty awesome! I love the gothic ones too and will probably get them eventually. Hope you like the lace ones - a very different look.

Have a look at my latest Cancer Diary page (and a fuller version in the latest post on my Gutless Bag Lady blog) for news of my stoma appt. yesterday - it went very well indeed.

Feeling totally pooped again today despite the increase in the steroids, but I'll get through it. My next treatment is 2 days after your op and at that point I will be 3/4 the way through, which is a good milestone.

Take care of yourselves, and don't forget to have lots of spoilies before 2nd Sept.!!!

Big hugs and tons of love,
Shoshi xxx

Shoshi said...

Shaz, thank you for all your lovely comments! It is so kind of you to reply to each post in turn! I really appreciate it. And no problem - you've got other things to do as well, I know. Hope you got the garden fence and the wall sorted OK. You have to get on with these things when the need arises. We had some problems with fence panels being blown down and the longer you leave it, the worse it gets!

Please thank Doug for his very kind words - I am soooo glad he's enjoying his nice manly steampunk card lol! I had such fun plannning it all, and putting in all the embellishments! I am very glad you like your own card so much, too. I've had a lot of enjoyment using that particular masterboard - did you find the ATC OK as well? I love working with acetate, especially in layers, and using strips of it to make things "float" as if in mid-air. I have a box full of scraps from packaging that I can use, and it works very well with alcohol inks, and you can emboss it brilliantly too.

Glad you like the Friendly Plastic embellishments. Just don't heat them or they'll melt lol lol! I do hope you can use all this stuff. Anything you don't want, I really don't mind - part with it how you like, pass it on, throw it out, whatever. It may not all be to your taste and that's absolutely fine.

I've been asleep all p.m., chemo pooped. Oh well, I don't mind, and I don't fight it. I've got a job at the moment - OK, unpaid - and it's to get better, so I obey the rules and listen to my body! We'll get through it.

Big hugs to you both,
Shoshi xxx