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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

WOYWW #321

So, what have we all got to show for this weeks WOYWW, then? I managed a couple of posts about my Brusho playtime over the last few days- more than I've done for ages, lol. There has been crafting going on on my desk since then, but as it's a card for an upcoming birthday, I can't show it till after it's been sent and received. All I've got to show are a couple of gifts that arrived in the last week.

 First one is a gift from Beloved Hubby- another adult colouring book- that sounds quite saucy, doesn't it, lol- as he saw it and thought I'd really like the images.

Love The Cat in his Garden!

LLJ, you'll love this one- Two Hares.

   This one is called Dragonland.
There are only 8 images in the book, they are hand drawn then reproduced by a lady called Gwen Davies. From a slip in with the book, she is working on a second one.

 Second gift I received is from Desker Diane Baker Williams, of A Focused Journey.
I'd commented on the Art Journaling magazine on her desk a couple of weeks ago, saying we had nothing like that over here, and the lovely lady offered to send me a copy. She also added a copy of The Journal Junkies Workshop, both look fabulous, and I know will give me many happy hours of reading. Diane, you are a true star, thank you so much.

Last weekend, we had a break away, and went to visit The Eden Project, in Cornwall. Been there once before, must be about 10 years ago, and it's amazing. For the non-Brits, the area was a disused clay pit, and has been reclaimed, has two enormous biomes, with sections featuring the various climates of the world and their plants. Outdoors is typical English plants, along with some foreign temperate ones.

 The whole project is as 'green' as possible- even the toilets use rainwater for flushing!

These are the 'biomes'- you can tell how vast they are,compared to the size of the people.

By the way, Bridget Larson, you'll be getting a postcard from here as soon as I can get to the post office.
In the main outdoor area, they have some giant sculptures- loved this bee.

They also have one made from the 33.5 tons of electrical waste the average person will discard in their lifetime.( T.V's, washing machines, etc)

Some glorious flowers inside.

Me with my favouritest plant in the whole world- Arabica Coffee beans!

Beloved Hublet admiring the cacti.

They also had an amazing display of Animated Dinosaurs, and they were incredibly well done.

I started off Tuesday morning in a bad mood- I had a letter from the surgeon I will be under at the QE, cancelling my Thursday appointment with him! He wants me to have a PET scan, and a new MRI first. I fully understand he wants up to date info, but why on earth didn't he arrange for these after we saw him last? I was expecting the need for these scans would push everything back by at least 6-8 weeks, which is why I was so angry. I was about to start organising going back to work for a few weeks, but that may not happen now.Anyway, a couple of hours later, I had a phone call from the PET dept, and I have an appointment for my PET scan on Thursday morning, at 10.00- really shocked me! I don't have a date for the MRI yet, I phoned earlier to ask if they could tell me the date. She did say that they hadn't had a request yet, but that they usually came in late in the day and went onto the system overnight, so if I call again on Wednesday, they should be able to tell me.I did explain I wasn't being pushy, but that Beloved Hubby works nights, so usually needs to juggle his shift a bit to take me to appointments, and still get enough sleep. I'm guessing he has requested them as a priority, as I've got the PET scan so fast, so hopefully it won't be too long. The only upside to the cancellation is that it means I definitely won't be in hospital now for mine and Dougs birthday, on the 14th, which had been bothering me- I didn't want to spend my 60th in hospital, or even worse, under anaesthetic!It takes around 5 days for the info to get back to the surgeon, she told me, then they will still need the MRI results before they have an MDT meeting, so it looks to be at least 2-3 weeks before I'll get called to see him again. And make no mistake, I will be telling him in no uncertain terms how badly he handled the last appointment!After all, effectively, I'm putting my life in his hands, and it's not going to go too easily if I have misgivings about him. So hopefully that will get straightened out, and he'll understand how to tell me things properly. Anyway, time to let you go to Julias place, The Stamping Ground, and carry on your visiting.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Shaz.. how I understand your utter frustration over the surgeon and more delays so hope and pray these are resolved ASAP. Also that he sees the need to get is act together for you.. and praying that it all works out together for good for you.

Lovely desky shares though, Shaz, so nice to be spoiled with some books an reading material too have enjoyed greatly your brusho posts,
hugs dear friend and many prayers for you,
Shaz in oz.x no number yet.

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Glad you won't have to spend those birthdays confined in the hospital.
I hope all turns out well.
I enjoyed your post today. Those coloring books are quite popular nowadays,
aren't they! It's wonderful how generous people can be. Those are wonderful
goodies you received. I also enjoyed "visiting" Eden. Beautiful flowers and
look at those sculptures!
Happy WOYWW!
Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@4

Helen said...

Well at least the birthdays won't be spent with you "under the knife"... hope the PET scan goes ok and the date for the MRI comes through too.

I've always wanted to go to the Eden Project, I must get there one day!
I used to get the Art Journalling magazine from the Stamp Attic, I miss it.. not been able to track down a replacement subscription over here with reasonable postage costs (Art From the Heart carry it but costs a lot..) Helen 5

Bridget Larsen said...

Love the colouring book, those sculptures look awesome. Cant wait to see what postcard you send me. Can you email me your snail mail I cant seem to find the list of addresses for the ATC swap and your ATC didnt have an address attached bridget.larsen@gmail.com
Bridget #1

Lynda Beazley said...

Hi Shaz, I have just bought my Mum-in-law a colouring book she is 84 and very creative, being an artist and all! She thought it was a great idea and yours has some lovely designs in, right up your street! We have visited The Eden project once about 7 years ago and I must try to go again soon, Many more things there now by the look of your post. I hope you get everything sorted at the hospital my lovely. It's great that you can now celebrate your birthdays, treat yourself in a big way. You deserve it!
Lynda B 19

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You're right, I do love that hare image but also the dragon one too! I bought a colouring book recently and am quite enjoying it, even though I flow from page to page and haven't actually completed anything yet. Butterfly mind huh?! but I don't like many of the books that are out there!
I've enjoyed seeing your holiday pics on FB...the coffee pic makes me smile every time we that's SO you :-)
Good luck withe the various scans...nearly at the end now, keep smiling and stay strong.
Loves ya,
LLJ 16 xxx

Annie said...

Sorry to hear about the delays in the plan for hospital dates. There really is nothing quite like being kept waiting is there? Lets hope the scans get done and the results get reported on very quickly so progress can be made for you. I'm a dragon lover and would collect them ....if only they didn't need dusting ;-)
Annie x # 22

Peg Robinson said...

Wonderful new book and things on your desk. Looks like you had a really wonderful trip that's such an interesting place. Hope they get your medical issue sorted. Peg R 23

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh what a bummer! They forgot to order your scans after your last appointment! I wouldn't go too mad on the surgeon as it was probably his secretary's oversight. But it does set you back. On the bright side, you can celebrate your birthdays!
I loved looking at the Eden Project photos. I've been there too. I think we went the year after it opened. They already had the sculptures (which I love) and also a decent gift shop. I bought green wine glasses recycled from green bottles. I thought that was really cool and i still have them somewhere.
Have a gereat week,

Twiglet said...

Best of luck with those scans etc - hope they get going quickly. Your little colouring book is beautiful - I like the hares pic too. x Jo

My name is Cindy said...

Love those colouring books - and reminds me I intended to get one for my bestie as part of her birthday present. You are never going to be 60! I find that hard to believe Shaz, despite everything you don't look it!! Eden project is on my list but haven't made it yet and it sounds awesome- perhaps I should remind hubby that we need to get off our butts and book a weekend. Good to hear the update on your treatment, haven't been keeping up for which I apologise, and hopefully the slight delay for the scans will still work out for the best. Thinking of you, Happy WOYWW Cindy x

sandra de said...

So sorry to hear how frustrating it can be to deal with medical appointments and people!! Hope it all gets sorted .... you don't need the stress. Love your pics of Eden absolutely stunning. Have a lovely week and I hope you have a great plan for your birthday.
sandra de @37

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz...oh my again delays in appointments etc. very frustrating for you. Hey I do love the colouring book, actually saw some in BigW today, even pocket size ones. That Eden project looks amazing...I love hibiscus flowers - they come is so many lovely colours and sizes, sweet little iris too. Hope all goes well for you, cheers RobynO#15

StampinCarol said...

Oh no! More delays and excuses... how awful. I sure hope someone gets their acts together better.
Love your photos of your trip. We have the Biosphere 2 near us. Very interesting.
What a fun coloring book. Such a sweet hubby getting it for you!
Hope you have a much better rest of the week!
Carol N #39

Shoshi said...

Shaz, I hadn't realised this birthday was the Big Six-Oh!! Congratulations! You certainly shouldn't be in hospital for that. I am glad that you are going to tell the surgeon how unhappy you have been about their handling of your appointments. It's important that they know. They shove us from pillar to post and don't seem to have a clue what strain it puts us under - it's bad enough having to have major surgery without all this added stress which if they just got properly organised would be totally unneccessary. I'm glad you made it to the Eden project. We've been more than once. It's a most unusual place! We've also been to the Lost Gardens of Heligan which was started by the same person before he went on to the Eden Project. Cornwall is amazing.

Love the colouring books. Have fun with those!

I'm not taking part in WOYWW this week because there's nothing on my desk and I feel too poorly so I'm resting. I'll try and pop in and say hi to various folks though!!

Happy WOYWW,

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, noticed you have received the Journaling magazine by Somerset Studio if you like them I order mine from Stamp Addicts and Art From the Heart stock a few too. Somerset Studio just produce so many fantastic magazines to suit all types of crafts and Arts.
Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 29

Barb said...

It's good that you'll be able to celebrate your birthdays together and do hope your appointments get sorted out properly very soon.
How lovely that you got to prezzies in the week. They'll keep you busy. I loved your photos from the Eden project. We really must go there. The sculptures are amazing. Quite alarming how much electrical stuff we all throw away - seeing it all together in one place like that. Wishing you a happy week. Barb#33 xx

Sandy Leigh said...

Sixty years young and you are having to be a warrior to get through these things! It's all so frustrating, so I pray it just gets done quickly, efficiently, and you are healthy and strong. I have been seeing those "adult coloring books" as we call them explode everywhere! I think I saw a dozen different ones in Barnes & Noble the other day and they look so fun. Take care and hugs. Sandy Leigh #42

Belinda Basson said...

Wow, those domes are HUGE. We have those white and purple day lilies in our garden. They grow like weeds... funny to see them as special ones grown in a garden. I love your hair, I see you still have it as multi coloured. Mine is bright pink as usual. Love and hugs. Hope you get your app ASAP and then get the results fast. He really has messed you around. Waiting is a killer.

Kristiina Majuri said...

Love that colouring book, 8pages sounds quite short, but I like that there's nothing behind the image, you could really use them for something after colouring, without having to choose between the front and back. I wouldn't mind having that bumblebee in my garden! I happened to check through your Brusho experiments, very informative, thanks :) happy woyww, hope you get things sorted out with your doctor--
Kristiina #17

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, I can well understand how annoying that all was but hopefully you will get your other appointment soon and everything will be sorted out - after your birthdays, of course :) I'm going through something similar with my daughter who is now waiting for a cochlear implant. After spending a whole day on tests and a CT scan at the hospital last Wednesday, we find that's not the end of it - there's more appointments to come. However, it will all be worth it in the end.

I read your two posts on Brushos with great interest. I've already been experimenting with the few I have and I do like the effects with the spritzing and wetting techniques. I've also tried them out just as watercolours. But what I didn't think of was sprinkling the powder on a sheet, wetting it and then putting the card down on to it so that's something new for me to try. I have a feeling I'll be back to read those posts again so many thanks for taking the time and trouble to do them.

Hope your week goes well. Hugs, Elizabeth x #52

Helen said...

I had to come back after I saw your comment on Cindy's desk and realised I hadn't actually noticed how old (young!) you said you were going to be... I cannot believe it either! Maybe it's got something to do with your always fabulous hair colour; although you don't act it...lol! mind you, I'm only 4 years off it myself (how the hell did that happen??) so I can't talk! Helen, still at 5, and thanks for visiting.

Artatag said...

Really enjoyed your post, your very interesting visit at the Eden Project. I sincerely hope your appointments work out well for you, keep my fingers crossed!
Gabriele 12

catiecuddles said...

Hi Shaz. Frustration at surgeo is completely understandable. Hopefully will all be sorted again soon.
I'm off to Eden project next year when we holiday in Cornwall. It has been about eight years since our last visit and have fond memories from our last time.
Off to see what Brusho stuff you've been up to. I'm addicted.
Happy WOYWW.
Thanks for sharing.
Catherine #55

Anne said...

Hi Shaz - thanks for reminder of Eden Project - visited many years ago. Glad you don't have to spend your birthdays with you in hospital but I know how frustrating it is when they don't get it right. Hope everything else goes well. Anne x #41

RosA said...

Hi Shaz,
The colouring book looks great! I've seen some here recently, but none of them have been as nice as that one looks. Ha ha, had to smile about the enabling (which is only a term I have heard on Woyww, nowhere else). I am very pleased with that Happy Birthday die, I'm sure you'll like it :) and I kept going back to your blog to look at your card using that curved borders die before I decided that I really needed it. It only came last week, day before we went to the snow, so am hoping to try it out asap, hopefully today :)
Have heard of the Eden project here and those flowers (hibiscus and the white/purple one whose name I can't remember) are fairly common here :)
Must look at your Brusho post. They could well be something else I need :) although I don't think they are readily available here. (And with the Australia dollar dropping badly at the moment overseas purchases are getting rather expensive, although I got those curved borders at a very good price, which was nice.

I hope your appointments get sorted out soon. So frustrating!

Neet said...

Don't know what to say about the hospital. I had only been saying you were going to be in during your birthday on Monday to my son. I know it was not ideal but neither is the delaying of things as I am sure you work yourself up to it and then have to start all over again.
Wishing you so many good thoughts and including you in prayer.
Loved your holiday which I followed on FB and love your new colouring book. I guess these will be great for when you are in the hossie.
You take care
Hugs, & Thanks for your earlier visit to me - Neet 25 xx

Robyn said...

continued prayer for everything- including patience dear Shaz.
hubby and cacti- are you saying he's prickly! ha!!!
thanks for visiting and do show me what you get up to with the new dies!
Robyn 3

Stacy Sheldon said...

oooh ((( HUGS ))) I am glad for your sake you will not have to spend the birthday in the hospital but, still hoping they get it over with and behind you quickly so, you can start being on the healing side. that coloring book looks so cool and I have never seen a live coffee bean plant before so that was way cool to see :) ~Stacy #48

MrsC.x said...

i understand your frustration! I am sure sometimes doctors forget people have lives outside their treatments and need things to be a little better handled, fingers crossed it doesnt delay too much for you

looks like you had a nice break i would love to go to eden one day :)
happy woyww
charlie :) #20

Kim said...

And now I'll never be able to look at an Adult coloring book and not smirk! The images are lovely; have fun. Thanks for sharing your day at Project Eden, it looks fascinating. And I get your frustration with the Dr., my Mother-in Law just had a similar issue, lucky the delay wasn't too long for her. I hope everything works out quickly, but you still get to enjoy your birthday hospital free! Thanks for stopping by.
-K #46

Princess Judy Palmer said...

LOVE the pages in the adult coloring book. It reminds of Zentangles crossed with doodles. Okay, now I want one! And yes they sound quite saucy. It is very frustrating about your doctor for sure. I just had a "this still hurts" visit with the dentist and his answer, "Well, I dunno why. Maybe the surgery you are scheduled for next month will fix it." That's very reassuring. NOT. Anyway, crazy busy here now so I've got to dash. Thx for the visit earlier. Judy #50

AnyOldCraft said...

Glad to hear you won't be in hospital for your birthday's.
I do hope they get it all sorted for you soon.
Those sculptures are pretty spiffy aren't they ?
Those domes are HUGE.
Love the images in your colouring book.
Thank you for your visit :) #30

Nikki C said...

Glad to hear you'll be enjoying your birthday not hospital and those bio domes look wonderful with all those plants inside hugs Nikki 6