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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

WOYWW #287

Happy first Wednesday in December folks! Where the heck did that year go?No post from me last week, but it doesn't feel like two weeks since my last visit to Julia at The Stamping Ground,  for our usual desk round up. My desk is a complete mess. Honestly. Even for me.
 Unopened packages, mostly Christmas presents. A package or two I finally summoned up the energy to open. Some Wink of Stella pens that everyone raves about. A set of Hobby Art stamps- well, they were in the Black Friday sale.A couple of blending mats in The Handy Hippo sale, I went there for some magnetic sheets for my dies, and saw them cheap. Trust me, you do not want to see the rest of the room. Most of my purchases from the NEC are still on another worktop, unopened and unstored. My can't be asked-ness has reached record heights over the last week. I need to open all the Xmas pressies to make sure I've got everyone covered. Maybe tomorrow.
The reason for my getting nothing done? As most of you will realise, last Monday was my last radiotherapy, and I expected to feel tired for a few days, and in truth, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was sleeping 18-20 hours out of 24. What I didn't expect was that on Wednesday a whole new world of pain would open up. Clearly the radiotherapy is doing its job, and I know it keeps on working, but as I'd been in no pain before I didn't expect to get any now. Wrong! Not to put too fine a point on it, imagine your butt muscles squeezing in spasms onto something like a golf ball- and really hard. Tuesday night I took paracetamol, that helped a little. No problem till late Wednesday evening, so took some Paracetamol & Codeine I had left from when I broke my shoulder. That helped a bit, but still had pain spasms when I got up, so phoned the colorectal nurse to make sure this was ok- no-one warned me about pain. She said it is normal, just important to get the pain under control, as they don't want me suffering, That makes two of us, I reply. Off to Doctors, this is Thursday,come home with an anti-spasmodic, and co-dydramol.  As I discover during Thursday night, this does not help. Dougs suggestion of a hot water bottle does help no end though, and I did manage to sleep when it eased the pain. Back to Docs on Friday, and leave with Co-codamol and Diazepam as a muscle relaxant this time. Actually get some sleep Friday night, then Saturday I wake up ok at first, then I get the stupidist pain imaginable. My buttocks hurt! I felt like I'd been sitting on a pile of rocks all night! That gets worse all night, painkillers not dealing with it, it finally eases off about midnight and I can sleep. Feel fine when I get up Sunday, than late afternoon it comes back in waves, getting severe about 10.00pm. Didn't matter what I did- sit, stand, lie down, walk- nothing eased it. Added to which I'm trying to keep track of what pills I've taken and when. Started a notebook with times for each type. Really easy to get confused about what you took last. Went to bed. Got up at 2.00am, as it was clear I wasn't going to sleep.  Finally about 3.45 it started to ease, so went back to bed. Still there when I got up, so back to Doctors. I am now up to  Tramadol- and at the moment, its working. For the first time in a week I am completely pain free. You know how serious your painkillers are getting, I've figured, by the size of the warning leaflet in the pack. This one was like unfolding a map of the world. Mind you, by now it could have said I had a 90% chance of growing a second head and I'd still have taken it. On top of this, my skin seems to have developed an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the Stoma bag! Possibly this is also a radiotherapy result, fortunately it looks worse than it feels. Not sore or itchy, though it looks like it ought to be.
 At this point, I have to say that I know a number of our lovely WOYWWers suffer this kind of pain on a daily basis- my DIL does too. All I can say is that Ladies, I have the greatest admiration for you, I do not know how you cope. A few days and I have been climbing the walls- I'd have made a deal with the Devil himself on Sunday night. You are all wonderful to me, keeping me going with your support- but you lovely people with your permanent health problems are the true inspirations on here. You all know who you are, so I'm not naming names.
 Finally, on a brighter note, I received our first Christmas card of the year yesterday, from Krisha.
A stamp I have, Snowy Postcard from Stampendous, I'm guessing done with film and Glamour dust, its so gorgeously sparkly.  Krisha, thank you so much xx.
 Sorry for being so long winded in this post, I will let you all get off now and visit some other WOYWWers.


Helen said...

It's good to see you back, and if you have been in such awful pain it is no wonder you couldn't make last time! Hope the pain relief keeps on working. Love the card from Krisha, how bright and sparkly! Helen 8

Maria said...

That card you received is just gorgeous, do you make all your christmas cards?
The pain you have sounds like what my hubby suffer's from he got injured in the army and it's a daily struggle for him to be pain free...
So I totally understand how you must feel, does the cold weather make it worse for you?
I hope you start to feel better soon, have you tried physio, my hubby just returned back to it....

Maria No:17

Chrysalis said...

Oh Shaz, I'm so sorry about all the pain you've been having, but glad it seems to be someway under control now. Christmas will come and go as always - just go with the flow and try not to fret if things don't get done. Hope you have lots of bright spots - like Krisha's card - this week, to cheer you. Hugs, Chris # 15

Nikki C said...

Oh honey all that pain sounds horrible I'm glad your starting to get it under control and. Just enjoy the holiday time no matter what hugs Nikki 1

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm so sorry to hear the pain carried on after we talked on the phone... :-(. Am glad it's finally under control and you feel a bit more like....onwards and upwards. The lady I've replaced in the Accordion orchestra finished her radiotherapy a week ago and says it's like being hit by a bus.....
So, only do things if you can/must.
Sending big squishies,
LLJ 22 xx

sandra de said...

Oh Shaz it just sounds like a nightmare and to think how many days you have had to put up with pain before they got it under control. Wishing you all the best and lots of pain free days.
Sandra de @29

Robyn Oliver said...

Just sending you a big hug Shaz and hope you're lots better soon. RobynO#26

Artatag said...

Poor girl!! It is terrible not being able to get away from pain. I can only send you good pain killer vibes (hey that sounds like Superwoman!) and hope it works.
Hope you feel better soon. You should open these packages - makes me curious anyway.
Gabriele 12

Belinda Basson said...

When our post gets itself sorted out I will try get a card to you from Africa! Glad to hear things look worse than they feel. It would be horrid if it were the other way round. Hang in there. Love and hugs from the other side of the world! #24

Cazzy said...

Hi Shaz,

Thanks for visiting me the other day.

I can totally understand how you haven't done a lot with the treatment, and the terrible pain. You poor thing.
I haven't had Tramodol, but Sooty dog has, he can't have the other stuff.
I have just been to see the Endo, not totally encouraging. He basically said I couldn't blame all of my pain and problems on my thyroid, and I should maybe go on a £600!!!! course that one of his patients recommended, because if it was possible I have fybromyalgia - I googled hurts all over and found that and could pretty much tick all of the boxes - the medical profession see that as something caused by stress or all in the mind! Anyway my nodule is apparently really nothing to worry about! The Registrar advised me that for pain I should take paracetamol all through every day, then keep the Zapain which is pretty strong, for night times. I have just been taking Zapain at night, unless things get so bad I can't bear it, then I take them all day. Not really keen on taking paracetamol all day every day. He then suggested I look for free relaxation courses, first said well as I had been buying "private prescriptions" he thought it wouldn't be an issue for me, I pointed out that I don't buy my drugs from the internet now, I am retired and can't afford that any longer! He is talking about maybe cutting my thyroid drugs back, they like a higher TSH, I don't!
I love Krisha's card, that is a stamp I have lusted after for a long time!
I hope you get no more pain in the bum, or anywhere else. I hope you showed them your stoma skin reaction, you don't want MRSA or other nasty!
"Happy" WOYWW.
Cazzy #37

Sandy Leigh said...

Ugh! You have been through the mill dearest! And it is the worst when you can't even sleep through it. I hope it is calming down a lot now and just goes away! There is a lot of good news masked by this pain, in that it was your last treatment and you are healing!! I am saying healing prayers for you. Now, I will tell Minnie what you said because she loves compliments, and I will give her a hug for you. A big hug is coming from me! Sandy Leigh #40

Cazzy said...

HAHA well in my mind I was going to get the Samsung ecobubble for ages, but on Sunday when searching for them there were so many different models, didn't know what to go for and I came across the AEG, which plays a tiny tune when you switch it on or off, but beeps when finished, I still don't know why I did it except I was able to find out more about the programmes on it, like it has a duvet wash, which is essential to me, and extra rinse and it is clever and weighs the washing so it only uses the right amount of water apparently - and it has extra rinse. It even has a 60 cotton eco wash, and a 40 degree cotton eco wash, which I don't totally understand but it must be good! So I ended up getting AO to price match it so I could have it quicker and they at least send two men without charging extra for that, and they did unpack it - though I didn't pay for that. The other lot I am sure I had before, sent one man who wasn't able to get the thing off the lorry until I lent him our stack trucks and no unpacking!

Oh WOW, I just spotted all those lovely stamps on last week's WOYWW! I wasn't quick enough to get some of them on black Friday! Then they had gone, the Visible Image ones I mean.


Neet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Neet said...

No pun intended but what bummer! You had been doing so well. My heart goes out to you, it sounds as if you had an absolutely horrendous time. I just hope this last lot of medication helps you be pain free. Nothing worse than losing sleep.
Just goes to show how bad you have been feeling if you have unopened packages, am sure if I had been a stamper/crafter when I was giving birth I could have still opened packages between contractions. Takes a lot for crafters to ignore packed up stamping stuff.
Sending Blessings and lots of loving vibes out to you Shaz` - hope you are much better when next you post.
Hugs, Neet xxxx (extra ones)

Hettie said...

Oh you poor thing you. You have been so brave too. I am sending you all the hugs in the world my dear friend. xxxxxxx
I know what you mean about the tramadol leaflet. I had some when I had my knee surgery and they worked so well I only took a few so have some left. When I fell over the other week I rediscovered them. Only thing is they knock me out. No pain though! I am a cheap date!
Hugs to you.
PS thanks for your kind words earlier. You have enough trouble not to worry about mine. xx

Neet said...

Forgot to say - the stamp is not Penny Black - it is the stamp company that finished a few years ago (I always forget the name) they have 'Santa Rosa' written on the wooden block.
Doh, this old age and my memory!!!
Hugs, Neet xx

Robyn said...

I'm curious what you think of the wink of Stella pens. So far i'm unimpressed.
there is something special about the first Christmas card- it won't be from me!!!
thanks for visiting

Ali H said...

Sorry to hear how awful your week has been & keeping everything crossed for you that the tablets do the trick.
Love the card - think it looks like the technique the lady on the Imagination Crafts was demo-ing at the NEC - I had a go but mine was nothing like that & went in the bin !! Hope you have a peaceful pain free week & can face the pile on your desk soon ! hugs Ali #51

Angela Radford said...

Hope you start to feel better soon. Lovely card, very glittery.
Hope you have a better week and happy crafting, Angela x 28

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Shaz
sorry to hear you have had so much pain this week, it has hit you so suddenly, hopefully the pills will kick in and will get better as the week goes on. I really must start making some cards (I have about 50 made from January) but need to make some more..... maybe next week.
Take care my friend and let the chemo do its work...... sending cyber hugs

Shoshi said...

So sorry to hear how much you have been suffering this week, Shaz, and I do hope the doctor's visit on Friday is of real benefit for you, and that they can give you something to get the pain under control. Sometimes it feels as if the treatment is worse than the disease, doesn't it. Makes me feel so pathetic, moaning about having to take gaviscon lol!!!

Thanks for your lovely comment, and for taking the trouble when you are feeling so bad. I am glad you like my latest page. I've just started on the final section and have made some nice backgrounds - post to follow soon. As for Mum, it is extremely stressful at times, and one of the worst aspects is that I never know what sort of reception I'm going to get when I go in, and that uncertainty is sometimes enough to put me off going in altogether, if I am having a bad health day.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #35

House of Bears said...

Goodness, what a horrible time you've been having. I hope everything has eased by now and you are able to rest properly. There's nothing worse than unremitting pain.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, compared with mine, your desk is pristine and orderly :) So sorry that you are having such a terrible time of it - hope the Tramadol keeps the pain under control now. I'm no stranger to sleepless nights caused by pain from my aged and damaged hips but that's as nothing compared to what you are going through. It's your last radiotherapy treatment so I sincerely hope that it's done the trick and you will soon begin to feel a lot better. On a lighter note, I chuckled at the 'growing a second head' image because Tramadol is a narcotic that can cause hallucinations in some cases. I vividly recall an elderly patient on Tramadol who frequently saw wild animals ... he seemed to like them too :)Take care and look after yourself. I wish you a better week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #47

Bridget Larsen said...

Love your card, makes me feel cool even thought the temperatures are in the 30+c right now and boiling hot
Bridget # 4

Eliza said...

Oh Shaz, I am really feeling for you I am sitting here in pain from doing to much at the charity group and I know it is going to get worse but that is the FM and life for me but I still do it to myself. I am trying to refocus my direction from the pain by doing other things and it helps a little. You are lucky you can take Tramadol it makes me vomit profusely it is not nice stuff in my system. You hang in there, honestly it will ease in time, you really have had a rough time of it all happening like this, try and watch a funny movie, but then again the pain will be making you tired so you might fall asleep in front of the tv, how about a donut ring to sit on, it might help! Oh and getting away from the pain I love that Christmas card you have received from Krisha it is so beautiful. I would love to send you a Christmas card if I can, will you email me your snail mail addy please.


bye for now,

Happy Belated WOYWW
Hugs Eliza & Yoda 61

Kyla said...

Oh hun, I totally sympathise with you (and admire your matter of fact....getting on with it attitude)but it will wipe you out. Glad the Tramadol is working, have u tried amyltriptiline yet? As to the unpacking of goodies...thats the great thing with craft, it doesnt go off so can sit there for weeks until you are feeling fit enough to open and play.

Take care (u know how to contact me if you wanna let off steam)
kyla x

Beth P said...

Hi Shaz, I am so sorry to hear you are suffering so with pain! It is really the pits, I have fibro so I can completely empathize with your suffering. I am sending prayers that all will be right again, SOON! :D That is a lovely first Christmas card to receive! Be well my new blogging sister, oh and please forgive my lateness of getting around for this past week's WOYWW!
Beth P