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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WOYWW #277

Hi folks, back for another Wednesday Coffee morning at Chez Julias, otherwise known as The Stamping Ground. Where are these weeks going to? 3 parts of the way through September already. Well, the beads got sorted, after a couple of days of 'getting around to it'. Then over the weekend, I thought it was time to sort out the filing cabinet. Just a small 2 drawer one, but it had got to the point that I couldn't cram anything else in, much less find stuff. After shredding wage slips/bank statements etc going back as far as 2007, it has a considerable amount more storage room now. Why on earth did I keep stuff that long? 7 years, that really is daft. Anyway, everything is down to current year now, although we did go paper free bank statement wise, earlier this year. So, whats on the desk? A little bit of retail therapy- some jewellery findings for starters. After the sorting last week, I discovered I didn't have a single jump ring, and was missing a lot of matching fasteners etc. The Tim Holtz mini applicators- I've seen a lot of people raving about how easy to use for smaller projects these are, and that it is much less likely to end up with accidental lines than the oblong ones. Enough justification there, I think.I'm also thinking that I may be able to cut spare foams from cut'n'dry foam with a circular die, and add some felt to the back. We shall see how that pans out. A few new stamps, like I really need any, and a re-inker and an alcohol ink colour I don't have.

During the course of tidying, I re-found these. I ordered some Brusho paints a couple of weeks ago, and spotted these little paint pots with lids on E-bay. I thought they would be ideal for them.The postage seemed a bit steep, to be honest, as the pots were £2.69 and the postage £2.70, but they did come secure in a little box, and it still only made it just over a fiver for the 20 pots. They have all sorts and sizes of these pots as well as spray misters/bead vials/ little screw top pots etc.

Everything still going well, I'll be updating my other page tomorrow night, as we have an appointment with the Oncologist tomorrow afternoon, at 6.00pm. So that should give us the timeline for the chemo/radiotherapy.Had a nice surprise too in the post during the week:

A lovely card, and the most amazing slab of chocolate I've ever seen!Janet, (Fairythoughts), thank you so much. I must admit, I'm enjoying being able to use 'medical condition' as a reason to eat chocolate, rofl!  Despite choccy snacks- Bourbon biscuits are another indulgence- and eating 3 regular meals a day,I have so far lost 5 1/2lbs in two weeks. They did say I would lose weight after this op, which went into the 'pluses' column. Possibly because my meal size has dropped by half- I can't eat as much before I'm full now.So thats my show and tell for this week- its even possible that some crafting may get done in the near future. Trying to psych myself up to starting the C cards- I really should, while I have the time on my hands, especially as I'm pretty sure that fitting them in will get almost impossible later in the year. I've been looking at cards I've Pinned for inspiration, and have found a couple of possible designs so far that I have similar stamps/stencils for. Christmas cards from me in September? Whatever next? If we get plagues of frogs,typhoons and earthquakes, that'll be my bad! Catch up with everyone later, have a great Wednesday.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Shaz if you get some Christmas cards made before the end of the month you can jump over and link with Sarn's Stamping for Pleasure Rudolph challenge..bought dome of those wee circular blenders too about tho try them out this week... or when have cards on list done :D love the little bottle .. I will watch to see what you do with brushos so far have not thought the creations that dramatically different, from spritzing inks etc.
Pray all goes well on results and able to start the rest of the treatment for you ASAP, well done on weight loss, how I need to do that with summer coming on..
Shaz in oz.x #27?

Neet said...

Cannot believe how well you seem to be since the operation was only a short while ago. Just don't overdo the tidying up, rest is essential too.
Enjoy the Brusho's but why the little pots for them?
Hugs, Neet 16 xx

glitterandglue said...

Hello Shaz. Now, I have to say, I really think you need to sit down and carefully take stock. No good risking plagues of frogs and things....but seriously, it does seem a good idea to do things as you have the strength and time, doesn't it? No need to fear that the plagues are your fault then...
Love those little pots with the lids - the postage does seem a bit heavy though, doesn't it?
Enjoy using your new stash - CAN a girl have too many stamps???
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #18

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz, big hugs, glad you're feeling ok and are slowly using your time to declutter...oh I should get rid of paper stuff that's old, did our tax this week and too many papers to sort through.Huge chocolate..lovely card too. Take care, thinking of you RobynO#29

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Good to see you're making good use of your free time at the moment! I need to see some of this jewellery stuff you're going to be making though :-)
And what a fab gift from Janet!! She's a star. Enjoy the choccy!
Hope all goes well at the Oncologists tomorrow....I'll text you. Sorry I haven't been in touch, it's been a bonkers week.
Hugs, LLJ 34 xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hmmmm! I have to tackle some of those way back paperwork issues! I have good intentions then don't keep it up!! Love those stamps and hope you enjoy using those new blenders - they are quite useful! Love the choccy pic, well done Janet for finding that!!! A look is all I'm allowed though….working at getting my sugar level down. Good Luck with your appointment tomorrow! Hugs, Chrisx 45

Shoshi said...

New stash always gives one a boost, doesn't it, Shaz. I know from experience - I felt in serious need of some retail therapy lately and feel so good about treating myself - new art stash, and my charity shop stash too! Love those little paint pots. I must investigate that site. I'm always looking for suitable containers for small quantities of mixed colours...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your choccie diet! I am thinking about you such a lot at the moment and hoping you continue to feel well, and that all your treatments go well.

Thanks for your visit - our mini holiday at home has flown by and Mum comes back this p.m. I have to say I'm not overjoyed at the prospect but she is the cross I have to bear unfortunately. My felt class is tonight and I can't wait! Glad you like my colours. Last night I carded all those wool samples and completely eliminated the incipient felting - they are so soft now that you can hardly feel them! I feel like spinning them and forget the felting lol! I hope I've now got enough autumn colours for the autumn projects we'll be covering in the course.

Happy WOYWW and keep well hun,
Shoshi #35

Cardarian said...

Hi Shaz!

I haven't been around in ages and have just recently heard about your illness! You are in my thoughts every day - sending you positive energy ! Thank you for visiting my blog, I am trying to do some tidying but I just get lost in all the mess!
Lots and lots of hugs,

Regina Hamilton said...

Sending many prayer and happy wishes your way. Loving your purchase. I do like the mini applicators too. Thanks for stopping by. #3

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hi Shaz, I just want to say postage within the UK is excruciating! Just a few years ago it would have cost less than a quid to send those pots. I always get annoyed with the amount of postage charges! I can see some real cool stuff on your desk! Zsuzsa @InkyDinkyDoodle #22

butlersabroad said...

After what you've been through in the last few weeks I think you deserve a bit of retail therapy there Shaz. But as others have said, lots of rest is imperative so don't over do it, even if you feel fine! Lecture over, lol! Love the little lidded paint pots, very useful. I keep seeing brusho backgrounds and they look so cool. That chocolate is also really cool! Yummy in fact, enjoy!

Brenda 54

Sandy Leigh said...

The mini blending tool -- that's exactly what I need for my stenciling with inks! I'm so glad you showed this, because I didn't know Tim Holtz had one. That is going on my list for Friday crafty shopping. So, that chocolate is ahhmazing! You enjoy that...you deserve it! I hope your appointment goes well, and that you feel wonderful. Hugs! Sandy Leigh #57

StampinCarol said...

I've seen a couple other gals working to declutter, too! Just don't overdo. And hope your appointment goes well! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #61

jan spencer said...

The mini blending tool is on my wish list, funny how chocolate always makes us feel better.
Take care. Jan s. No 53

CraftygasheadZo said...

Hey lovely! Firstly sorry not been in touch, my quietness online means I've not realised your health situation, hope all goes well for you and I'll be thinking of you. Thanks for the visit too! Take care Zo xx 62

Chrysalis said...

Great to get stuff sorted like that, and to top up the crafty essentials. That cake looks really yummy - enjoy! I hope the oncologist trip goes well. Hugs, Chris # 14

Helen said...

I am sure you're meant to be taking it easy, but clearing out paperwork is at least fairly gentle I suppose! (I have plenty if you're offering!) Thanks for the tip about the app for the list of my stuff - think it may take a while to do though... but I have a binder where it's all catalogued, only it's getting too heavy to carry! Helen 4

Hazel said...

The paint pots look good and I've bought some of those new TH mini applicators. Oh and that chocolate looks so inviting ... Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day and have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #69 x

Eliza said...

You are doing so well you take time and rest is imperative for you, eat as much chocolate as you can, you deserve it. Oh and craft with your new toys till your heart is content.

I hope you have a wonderful week

Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan

Thanks for visiting already

artatag said...

Good to see you are doing fine! Keep on going and do what makes you feel good! Gorgeous chocolate! These little jars look very practical, the lids seem to be closing tight. Have a wonderful time!
Gabriele 8

Sue said...

Hi Shaz, I love your new crafting stash.

I hope all goes well with your treatment. I'm sending positive healing thoughts and hugs (((Shaz))).

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Sue 28

Ali H said...

Hi Shaz Thanks for visiting - great to see your desk this week. Good luck with the Oncology appointments - thinking of you Ali x #10

Angela Radford said...

Hi Shaz, pleased you are feeling okay but just make sure you rest too. It must be eating chocolate that has helped, it always makes me feel good that is until I realise I've eaten the lot then I get this terrible guilt feeling Lol! Oh well! Hope you have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 36

Lisca Meijer said...

Hi Shaz, thanks for visiting.
Isn't it great to have a sort-out now and then. And reading your previous blogs, you seem to have done quite a bit of sorting out.
ThenI saw that you've had an operation (I'm new and didn't know) So then I find out you have a rectal cancer blog too. So after dinner I sat down and read the whole lot! Thank you so much for being so open and honest about it. I have had cancer a couple of years ago (no, not rectal. I had breast cancer) And also I'm a recently retired nurse. I worked at st Peters Hospice Bristol for 22 years. So I've seen both sides of a cancer situation.
You look really well in the photos I've seen and by the sounds of it you feel well too. Writing about your cancer helps, doesn't it. I have just completed a photobook of the year that I had the cancer. All the things that happened to me that year and I called it 'The Year of Blessings' because so many good things happened.
I too have a hubby that is a rock. That in itself is priceless.
Gosh, I'd better stop here. This is getting rather long. Anyway, all the best wishes in the world and see you next wednesday.
Thank you for letting me be a 'fly on the wall'.

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Ohhh.. chocolate! Yum yum. Glad to see the snippet that things are going well - I've been so consumed with cleaning and decluttering I have fallen out of touch with blog land. Will pop off and being late will catch the new update I'm sure. And I do love the little pots. How handy. I'll have to pop to THAT link too. No wonder I never get thru the whole list - every visit extends out to 3 or 4 more!

Take care

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Kelly said...

Just popping in to send lovely Autumn wishes and good vibes. You are in a purging mood, aren't you! I'm checking out the Ebay shop you linked to. Going to be needing more stuff shortly. hehe Shhh don't tell hubster. Creative Blessings and Healing Hugs - Kelly #66 aka ~Rainlyte

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,

Retail therapy is ALWAYS a good thing!! Those little pots with lids are great. The perfect size for so many things.

The card and chocolate that Janet sent is great. It sounds like you have a GREAT attitude going forward and that is 90% of the battle. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy belated WOYWW (thanks for visiting me already)!
Kay (31)

Debs Willis said...

First time I've seen the round mini blenders, will keep a look out for them. Don't use my full size one, since I became addicted to ink dusters! Found it very hard on the hands too.
Not tried any of my new Ally Pally stash yet, been way too busy. But I have next week off yay!! MRI Weds and a couple of other things but hope to have crafty time :-)
Big hugs, Debs xxxx

Ohhh Snap said...

Beautiful stamps. I'll keep an open eye out for the mini applicator. It's always good to have jump rings, and I've never had one spoil (some of mine are over 20 years old lol).

What is it about little pots that makes them so irresistible? Beautiful chocolate! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier in the week. #6

Lisa-Jane said...

Wow Shaz... I havent been on WOYWW for a couple of weeks and it seems I have missed something quite big in your life. I'm so sorry to hear about "Sid" but glad that you have such a fighting spirit that I can't imagine him keeping you down for long. Best wishes with the chemo and all the "shit" that comes with it. Sending you much love and strength xx

Helen said...

Thanks for stopping by my desk and leaving me a comment. Good to have a nosey at your work space too and that chocolate looks amazing!!

Helen x (43)