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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WOYWW # 267- the heatwave edition!

Blimey its hot! No pleasing us is there? Too cold/wet/hot/dry.Anyway, whatever the weather is, its Wednesday again, which means linking up at Julia's house, The Stamping Ground, for this weeks WOYWW. We've been doing a bit in the garden. For garden, read jungle. Cue Indiana Jones music, put on camo gear and find machetes. Not joking, honest. Its 150foot long, not desperately wide, fortunately, but sort of got away from us, growth wise.We have a Buddleia, which is next to a pergola over the pond, which has clematis growing over it. Unfortunately, the clematis grew over into the Buddleia, so we had a solid wall of greenery across the garden half way down. Now suitably hacked and shredded. Some fencing to finish replacing, and a lot more work to do, but its a start. We've discovered that is the only problem with working nights- you don't want to start doing stuff like this before you go to work to do a full shift, so its weekends only, and thats as long as its not raining!
So not much in the way of crafting done. Apart from the project I was working on last week, which I said I couldn't share. Anyone visiting our lovely LLJ will have seen it by now, an engagement card for her son and his fiancee. Granddaughters Birthday card and pressies went down well, the card I made a while back, with the Molly Rules set. Merlins verdict? Awesome, lol.
Black leggings, a black and white tunic top to go over them, and a black top were also well received. Next birthday up is my eldest sons, who is 40 this year.
I did do a little bit of stamping earlier today, using up a brayered background I made a bunch of a while ago.
The stamp set is by Inkylicious, called Daydreamer. A 3 piece set, the person & tree, the small flock of birds and the word Daydreamer.

 I added a Tim Holtz sentiment instead to mine.

Treated myself too to some more Promarkers- they are really cheap at Cowling & Wilcox.

I got the Autumn/Winter 2013 set, and a set of Flexmarkers. I've been adding Flexmarkers recently as they have really pale colours, much lighter than the regular Promarkers.
 By the way, for those who have liked the Raindrops set I've used in the past from Designs By Rhyn- Inkylicious have their own set now, which I have to say look pretty identical, so no need to order from Canada.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Shaz.. no number yet!!

... but happy WOYWW doing the rounds from my blogger dashboard before I go out in the garden too will prob be late linking over if am in mess as rather suspect I maybe!!

.... love the wee brayer silhouette card on your desk and love Promarkers too like you but wont prob add to mine.. are not cheap in Oz. Shaz in Oz.x

Monica said...

I remember when we had a jungle when we lived in Houston where we had soil and rain. here just 200 miles north west we have neither as we live on a hilltop. Like the cards you made. I am sure the leggins and top were appreciated.
Monica 59

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I have shown the card on my blog today...it is so gorgeous. They both filled up when they opened it and Jen said it's definitely going in her Keepsake Box to treasure. Thank you again for creating such a lovely card...though I still think you didn't charge enough!!!
Great card for Merlin, no wonder she loved it and her prezzies. Goth Grannies rock!!
Hugs, LLJ 15 xxxx

Sandy Leigh said...

Such a cute card! Glad you treated yourself to some fabulous markers. I live in the Missouri Ozarks and we are having freakish July weather--it is sunny and in the seventies! So lovely--but really, too cold to go swimming. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #60

Lunch Lady Jan said...
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Shoshi said...

Lol at your description of yourself braving the jungle, Shaz!! Nice cards you've done. I don't use markers at all so have no experience... I saw the card you made for LLJ and it's totally awesome!

Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog - I am sure I'll be back on track with the weight loss this week, and Mum's doing OK. It's been a bit cloudy today so the solar panels aren't pumping out the power to quite the extent as in full sunshine but they are still doing their stuff! Sorry your house isn't suitable for them. We are very pleased to have such a suitable, south-facing roof!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #30

BJ said...

Love the black and blue card she is a darling. Thanks for visiting me BJ#45

My name is Cindy said...

There's been a lot of gardening done here recently as well - but I'm not complaining really, everything looks really healthy at the mo. It is nice when the plants actually GROW. Those pen prices ARE rather good.... but do I really need them? hey ho! Thanks for the visit and sharing your desk! Cindy x

Sharon Madson said...

I learned something today! There are two Shazes! LOL Thank you for your earlier stop at my place. I am glad you got a good laugh! I thought it would make a good laugh! :) Now you can laugh again, because I went to wrong Shaz! I am so enjouing getting to visit the deskers and getting to know them, and you. Love your description of your garden! TFS #34

Helen said...

your garden sounds lovely but hard work! Especially as you say, when you work nights, I can understand you not wanting to get worn out before work!!
The card for Owen and Jen was fabulous - and so is the one here, love that tree... Helen 4 (thanks for the visit)

scrappystickyinkymess said...

Saw the card at Jan's and it IS lovely, you are such a talent. I quite like that sheet UNDER the card here, looks like a masterboard but I am guessing it's a scribble sheet :)

And I am dreading the heat predicted. I HATE the heat more than I hate the cold.

Cool stamp - i didn't see it before but am liking the look if it. Much scroll back and see it in use! :)

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Debbie Rock said...

Hiya Shaz ... thanks for popping by my blog earlier! I can see how Merlin loved her card and the sunset backgrounds are just stunning! Thanks too for your kind words ... your support really does mean a lot! Happy WOYWW'ing! Love from Debbie #41 xXx

Krisha said...

Great cards Shaz, which reminds me my oldest son is soon to have a birthday too, and right after him is his daughter. So I best get busy.....huh?
Have a great week
No # thin week didn't link up, I was just being nosey!!!! :o)

Angela Radford said...

Loving the girl on the black and blue crad, she's gorgeous.
Happy crafting and have a great week, Angela x #42

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Shaz, happy WOYWW. oh it's great to get out in the garden and do some hard work in the sunshine, drained and satisfied at the end. Just loved the engagement card also the Daydreamer..very nice. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#41

Julia Dunnit said...

Now that makes sense, making the figure in the set a separate stamp, so often you get the tree and figure together and not so useful...it's a great card. So glad the mini me liked her gifts, you are clever! Saw the engagement card on FB..Jan was thrilled, but not as thrilled as the happy couple!

sandra de said...

Gorgeous cards and especially liked the one you had created for LLJ. It is so hard to find the time to do all those jobs and gardening is a big time commitment. Thanks for your comments about selling craft ... so true.... no one really appreciates the time and effort. Will probably just keep giving it all away and much more appreciated.
Sandra de @53

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Love the Inkylicious stamps and wish I could get them here in the US. Loved the engagement card you made, simply gorgeous! Diane #78

Christine said...

Thanks for your visit earlier - I'm with you about Tim Holtz,it's good enough for me. Visited the Duchess of Devonshire's home and she had cobwebs on her chandeliers - good enough for her ....... lol
Keep up with the gardening - we have a client who likes us to come round once a month for two hours, it has taken three years to get her garden under control!!!
Bishopsmate #51

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Shaz,
Yes, I've visited LLJ and saw the wonderful card you made for her son and his bride. She definitely called on the right person to make it!

It's been hot here (record breaking temperatures last month) and now our monsoon season is here. Luckily we are actually getting rain as we've been in a drought for what seems like decades. Unfortunately the lightening comes with the storms and typically causes several forest fires every year. I have some honeysuckle that is taking over and I love it.

The other cards you've shared today are great, as usual!

Thank you for visiting me already!
Peace, Kay (22)

Laura said...

Have fun with your new pens
Belated Wednesday wishes
Laura The Tardy Desker

glitterandglue said...

Hello Shaz. late getting to you this week - it's taking me ages to get around everyone....don't know what I'm doing with my time??
What a lovely card of the girl by the tree - the brayering is great - lovely and smooth from one colour to the next. Well done.
Thanks for visiting. Yes, the dresses WILL be posted - eventually. 2nd one going well, so am feeling quite encouraged.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #13

fairy thoughts said...

hi shaz yes i saw the card on LLJ s post .... it was fabulous..
anywhere its ashxme you didnt share your wilderness it sounds wonderfull not ssure about after the storm thoyugh ( which i slept through lol)
have a good weeekend .... no gardening if the weather forecastt is true...... so more lovely craftiing then
jannet #11

Neet said...

Lovely cards Shaz, especially the Daydreamer one. Thanks for the low down on the hearts you made - really appreciated - must try for self.
I suspect the garden may get neglected this weekend, it is pouring with rain here - but then it is usualy better elsewhere - I think we live in a big hole which constantly has a cloud over it.
Hugs, & thanks for visiting me earlier - sorry I am so late.
Neet xx

Kyla said...

A gorgeous card you made for LLJ.
Top tip about the raindrop stamp (I have certainly lusted after that) and I will check out your link!

I know you can buy online, but whenever I make it to London I always pop into Soho for Cowling also CASS....great shops :-) looks I need to make a trip down to the capital again!


Lisa-Jane said...

Oooh I didn't know that about the flex markers, will have to watch out for those!