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Friday, 13 June 2014

and now for something completely different.....

Different indeed. I may have mentioned that Beloved Hubby is teaching himself to play guitar, with Rocksmith.
 Bass guitar, at the moment, and so the guitar collection is building up. The constant tuning and retuning for different songs goes through guitar strings like crazy- now we know why you see so many guitars on stage at a concert! Its better to have a guitar for each set-up, than to keep retuning. So this is the first two,one a bass which is heavy on the shoulder, after a couple of hours, and the other is a lead. So he bought himself another, lighter one. New to him,but a pre-loved guitar.

This is it, in need of a bit of TLC. It also has a badge missing, from the headstock, and thats where this post comes into it.
Hubby said' those raised shiny things you make,could you make a badge for that space?'
 Good job I can follow his train of thought, what he wanted was a triple embossed piece for it.
 Black, maybe with some blue speckles, and a skull was the brief.
 So I started by tracing the shape for dimensions, and had to cut it by hand from some thick card. I was hoping Nesties might work for it, but the oval shape was wrong. Thats the thing with ovals-  a square is a square, a circle a circle. But ovals? Long ovals, thin or wide ovals- too much range! So, DI in Black Soot onto the base card- then the question, did he want a flat black, or a glittery one? Up to you came back the oh-so -helpful reply. I was about to use a glittery black EP on it, when a thought struck me. It might be too glittery, and make the image hard to see.  Then I spotted some Crafters Companion Iridescent Glitter spray on the shelf, so I gave it a blast with that.
Doesn't show too well, but it gives it enough sparkle without being overwhelming.  Let that dry then patted it onto a clear embossing pad.
Three layers of UTEE, and  into the top layer I sprinkled a little Blue Glass Ep, then it was ready for the stamp. This had me a bit worried at first, as I know I have a few skull stamps (who, me?) but didn't think I had one small enough when he suggested it. Visible Image stamps to the rescue! A recent set I bought, Max Rocks, has the perfect sized skull in the set.

I used Silver Encore Pigment ink on it, to contrast the black.

 And this is the finished piece- worked out quite well in the end.

Here it is in place in the guitar:


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That's so clever and it looks brilliant. My nephew plays guitar and hi favourite present from me was a punch that makes plectrums from old plastic gift cards. Pretty cool huh?

Winnie said...

Wow, how cool! Great idea, and how personal! My hubby has a Taylor GS Mini and he just loves it. I am showing him your husband's!

JoZart said...

Just want to thank you so much for sending the quilt. It is fantastic. Can't find your email addy or your address to send your ATC so can you let me have it again. (No doubt I will then find it again) I'm in a right state here at the minute... all for a new shower loo, the house is overwhelmed and I am so disorganised. The quilt should be on the blog next week and I will take it up to the oncology unit ASAP. It will be PERFECT and the little ted is a super thoughtful bonus for some little special child to help them through all their yucky treatments. THANK YOU!
Jo x
Love your post... such a special touch.

Monica said...

How clever and perfect for the budding musician. This is written on iPad in a speeding RV moving across Texas. Shakes and finger bloopers.........

okienurse said...

Awesome! Love how you rose to the challenge and assisted him giving the new guitar some loves! Really cool idea and it turned out very nice. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog earlier. Vickie #19

Anonymous said...

A fantastic job Shaz and hope BH was suitably impressed and appreciative :)

MaggieC said...

It is a dog's face if you squint a little. I like it, it looks friendly. Thanks for the update on the patient. As far as my room is concerned, it is going to get an awful lot worse over the weekend, while I remove everything from the floor to the landing and then sort what is left. After that, things will gradually creep back in and find a proper home. All my stamps are coming off their mounts to be stored in the new Clarity folders. I have already done the same with all my embossing folders and dies, and my Promarkers and Aqua markers. Any decoupage sheets will be put onto the computer and the paper versions passed on to someone else to give me the space I need for card and plain paper. Hope things go smoothly for you over the weekend. xx Maggie

Shoshi said...

Wow Shaz, that is brilliant! You are sooo clever! A personalised badge that looks really professional. Just found this post under "you might also like..." and in view of what you've just told me about your hubby taking up the guitar again, I thought I'd leave you a special comment! Hope his fingertips are recovering nicely. Mine are much improved after half an hour each day for over a fortnight now. It's hard work but so worthwhile in the end. Hope he's enjoying playing again. There are some awesome guitar tuts on Youtube. I could have done with them years ago.

Our nephew is a proessional bass guitar player with his own band and composes his own music. He's based in London and doing really well.

Hugs to you both,
Shoshi x