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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

WOYWW #221

 For those who've been hiding under a rock for the last 4 years, todays the day we join our Mistress of Ceremonies, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground, to proudly display our workdesks/tables/floors/ironing boards, and the general mess that ensues.
I spent some of my bank holiday weekend playing with inks, making some backgrounds. These are mainly Dylusions ones- I have a stack from A Touch of Craft- but no matter how well I clean the sprayers when I've finished with them, they always seem to be blocked next time I want to use them. Which irritates me, as I have to spend time soaking them all again. So they got left on the shelf this time. Serve them right.

 Also had a play with Versamark on black paper with Mica Powders- the one on the right looks a total mess in this picture- its copper powder, but actually looks a lot better in the flesh. It would be hard pressed to look any worse.

More Mica Powders on Versamark, this time over a sheet of glossy paper, that was coloured  with Distress inks.

The quick-eyed among you may have spotted a huddle of sponge daubers in the top picture.

 I also had a bit of a 'try some home made stuff' weekend.Two things I've seen on Pinterest lately- DIY sponge daubers, and stamp cleaner. If you want to know about the stamp cleaner, its in the post below this one- if you are easily shocked, skim quickly past the bit where I worked out how much branded stamp cleaners cost per litre!

Anyway, here are my very cute looking sponge daubers- sorry, I can just see them with little faces drawn on with a marker.:)

 All it is is PVC plumbing pipe- I bought a 2 metre length from B&Q for £1.98- Beloved Hubby probably has some in the cellar, but there are spiders the size of dinner plates down there!
 So, a length of pipe, and a bag of latex make up sponges from Poundland. Hubby has a tool for cutting said pipe, but a hacksaw would do it too. You would need to smooth the edges after though. Cut into lengths about 1 1/2 ", post a sponge in, gathered up so you have the dome sticking out, and away you go. I didn't glue them in place, as they can now be pulled out & washed/replaced. I also thought you could try different sponges, as they all have different textures. I've only used barely a foot of my pipe, so you'd get almost 50 daubers for £2+ the price of sponges.
So how was your Bank Holiday?  Show us what your up to, do. We need to know, honestly.


Helen said...

You have had a great weekend - love the backgrounds. Your home-made daubers are so clever, and what a bargain price!! Helen 23

sandra de said...

Now that is a very clever and economical idea. Love the stamp you have chosen to try out the mica powers. The detail is lovely.
Sandra @34

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! You're resourceful! Love the daubers idea! I'm just going to read the cleaning post with a cuppa to steady my nerves! Julie Ann xx #42

Janene McAnally said...

You are a woman after my own heart Shaz, I just LOVE your backgrounds!!!! I know what you mean about the blocked nozzles on the Dylusions Inks and I keep a paper clip straightened at one end to scrap it and that seems to do the job. But it does get to me too! I am inspired and I am going to try some of your tricks :-). Happy WOYWW.
Janene #20

Claire said...

you looked like you had fun playing over the BH! love all the backgrounds you created!
happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
no. 38

Monique said...

again such a clever solution, I must have tons of that piping in the garden for making tunnels in springtime... I'm sure I can miss some of that =)
Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
xx Monique #94

House of Bears said...

Oh they are cute daubers, and definitely need faces drawn on!

The bears @#90

Monica said...

Oh how timely Shaz, I have the same problem with Dylusions sprays and never thought they would dry up. So now will try to remember to wipe clean before using and have paperclip handy. Clever solution for dabbers. I find the ones bought wear out VERY quickly.
Plan to follow you as you have great ideas
Monica 96

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I love that stamp! Great idea for the sponge daubers. I use mine loads and since I started taking them to classes they are looking a bit worn.

Krisha said...

Thanks for sharing Shaz! I will be making stamp cleaner and dabbers this afternoon after my Dr. visit.
Krisha NO# didn't link up again this week, just wanted to drop by and see what's up, sure glad I did.
Have a great week.

glitterandglue said...

Well done you - brilliant! Supplies are becoming so very expensive now, that it is really good to put our creative brain to work.
Have a great week using your brand new daubers!
Margaret #37

StampinCarol said...

Love your daubers. I've seen them on Pinterest, too, and have been considering making some. Your backgrounds are really cool! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #105

Jackie said...

What a clever idea your dauber s are well done
So cheap!
Jackie 39

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I'm not the venture into the hardware store type of crafty person so you won't catch me making my own daubers, but I am so impressed (and not surprised) that they are easy to make. I knew those things were crazy overpriced! The mica powders on versafine are really neat. It sounds similar to those perfect pearls. Fun times!

~Rasz~ said...

I LOVE the little daubers and I would definitely put faces on them! Your weekend playing with inks paid off with some awesome colors! Have a great WOYWW week! Rasz #120

gardenpinks said...

Love your tips on how to save money and these are cute :) Yes they do need faces :D Ooooh yuk spiders as big as dinner plates - oh no I wouldn't go down there either no matter how small or big!!
Love mica powders and how pretty these pieces look.
Lynn x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi shaz
looks like a fun weekend and an economical one too. I don't really have any daubers... probably because they are so expensive i use cut and dry foam ... which is just as expensive. anyway I might try this, the tubes look the same size as the plastic middles of the till rolls at work .. so would be even cheaper ha ha. I might just do this
ps love all the spraying... if you visit me there is some stuff you might like
janet #47

Eliza said...

I love posts like this where you share your cost saving secrets on product alternatives. It's crazy sometimes the prices charged for products, good for you and thanks for sharing.

Eliza & Yoda 30

Winnie said...

Wow, Shaz, you really never cease to amaze me. Now, DYI sponge daubers! Oh my goodness. Those are cool! I am a danger with tools, so I can't do that one, I am in awe! Love the versamark on the blac with the mica powders! Enjoy the day! Winnie#84

Uuna said...

Beautiful backrounds and It is coming wonderful cards! I love and I collect cards :-)
Happy WOYWW #Uuna

The Taming of the Glue said...

Great idea for the daubers. Really like the mica over Versamark on glossy card. Hugs. Pam#36

Danie May said...

Wow I am so pleased to have stopped by today both your DIY ideas are fabulous and I am totally in love with all your wonderful creations. Particularly your micas on the black card. Have a great week! Danie #62

MaggieC said...

Never mind the spiders in your cellar. I am more bothered about the ones that keep coming in to see me at the moment. I love your make up sponge pipes, and I shall be trying out your cleaner once I get some baby wash. I wonder if shampoo would do the same job..... xx Maggie #12

BJ said...

Super inky backgrounds and love the homemade stuff too. Had a blast at the Tim Holtz workshop yesterday and only now getting over the excitement - LOL. Just blogged the piccys and will do the tag book and tips in further posts. Thanks for visiting me BJ#6

Fiona said...

I feel inspired just looking at your desk....and I can certainly use all the inspiration offered! You have a great talent :)

Christine said...

What a busy time you've had - love the daubers, gonna try that one. Really this is just another excuse to go buy some stamping stuff - I'm on the mailing list from Osbourne stationers and they just sent through 20% off vouchers, can't waste money can we?

Bishopsmate #77 better late than never!!!!?

Fandhmum said...

Sorry for the terribly late happy WOYWW will try better next week
Rosie x

Black Smith said...
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