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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOYWW #120

Following on from last weeks tidyfest, I thought I should 'fess up & show what my desk usually looks like when I am working, lol. In the middle of making some wedding stationary samples, and a wedding card. Already had a look at Julias post, and I see we favour the same heat gun. The ever- present Really Useful Box, this time full of UTEE, another one full of sticky back gems/pearls. The chopping board I use when I'm heat embossing, so I don't damage my cutting mat.

Next up is one of this weeks purchases- Tim Holtz Texture Fades folders. Got these for a brilliant price from Craft Superstore- 12 folders for £19.99.

 I've also been scouting e-bay for stamps this week-there are always great bargains to be found.

Got a great selection of stamps, all for next to nothing-can you believe I paid 99p for the Paper Artsy sheet, and its never even been opened!

Final thing on my desk last night, is this wedding card. 

 The Bride & Groom stamp is called At the Altar, by Stampendous. What I usually do is stamp it once onto card, then stamp it again onto coloured vellum, which I cut the overdress of the brides outfit from, and attach with a few blobs of silicone glue.

Occasionally, when cutting out the image, especially when its stamped &heat embossed on vellum, the embossing flakes off in places, or cracks. I either reheat it with the heat gun to fuse it again, or add a little embossing ink with the embossing pen you can see above, sprinkle with a little powder & reheat- good as new again.
The triple embossed hearts were a real delight- I'd not used this particular tub of embossing powder before, although I have had it for quite a while. Its by Heat It Up, and is called Blue Glass. As you can guess, I was trying to get them a similar colour to the vellum. The powder doesn't look overly exciting in the tub, but when I sprinkled on a layer on top of the UTEE and heated it, I got this gorgeous  blue glasslike finish..

This picture doesn't really do it justice, I will make some more & get a better picture for you next week.These look really opaque in the picture, but they actually had a lovely semi-transparent look to them. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday, looking forward to seeing some great desks as always.


fairy thoughts said...

99p for paperartsy, you lucky monkey you! And that is a great working desk, I'd never want to leave it. lol.Love the card too

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Really like the card, most unusual for a wedding..but it works brilliantly. I'd quite like to have those hearts as a pair of earrings!! :)
Hugs, LLJ xx

MARY B said...

Beautiful card that stamp is super as are the cute little hearts, Mary x

Li'l Pidge said...

love the card and some great crafting buys (especially the stamps for 99p!!).


The Crafty Elf said...

OMG I love that stamp of the bride and groom! You've got a lovely haul there I think I might just be a bit jealous. Is that OK? Lucky you! Thanks for the peek and have an awesome week!

Angie said...

That card is wonderful ....so much work ...but the final result was worth it.
Great bargains ...I got the folders at a similar price too ...I was chuffed.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Shaz wow what fun is going on at your desk this week happy WOYWW and thanks for sharing those great purchases, have four of Tim's folders and they are great!
I am on a total ban for ages now decided it has to sop so not looking at the bay of E no matter how much I want to - mm, will see how long this excellent resolve lasts - I usually break out eventually. Well love your card too and yet to emboss vellum - funny how many things I have yet to try!
I am on craft-doing ban too till things are sorted out and inside!! this looking at lovelies on desks will have to be my craft fix, Shaz in Oz. x

Sue said...

Wow love that Wedding card, how fabulously different, great inspirations here, fab stamps too, every time I look on ebay they never have anything! Happy Crafting, Sue xx

Jennibellie said...

love the card, good olde craft superstore eh? Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi (the previous post is a giveaway if you are interested in art journaling at all) hugs Jenny x

voodoo vixen said...

Love your wedding card with the image on vellum but those little blue hearts are fabulous!! What did they start out life as? Chipboard?

Sam said...

What a lovely wedding card. Those hearts are gorgeous. Are they Utee by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Wow Shaz, you got some bargains this week! Nice to see a WIP desk too, and that card is just stunning. Love the hearts too.

Brenda 88

Mrs A. said...

Sounds like a good buy to me. 12 for under £20. Love your wedding card. The little hearts look fab. Hugs Mrs A.

MaggieC said...

Those hearts are great, Shaz, really stylish. When I get enough desk cleared to work on, I must have a go at that technique.

Elizabeth said...

Just stunning work! And I love your messy desk - if you're not making a mess you're not doing it right! LOL

Tertia said...

That was a real bargain you got there with the stamps!
Love the wedding card.
Happy very belated WOYWW

RosC said...

Hi Shaz,
Gorgeous post. I love the desk - it is a place of feverish creative work which I can identify with absolutely.
Nice buy on the folders!
And the wedding card is so very elegant. I'll be returning to take it in a little more.
I'm late in visiting but like to do this in small bursts. I do it better than way. :-)
Happy days,
Ros. (129)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I LOVE that card you made and had a peek at the tutorial showing how to make those hearts. Never thought of adding mica to EP. Lovely! Sorry I'm so late showing up this week. Seems I've had to say that a lot lately.

Jeremy and Samantha said...

gorgeous card but just looking at a pic of your desk gives me hives.

Meg said...

Lovely card, I've been trying to get hold of that stamp for a while. If you ever finish with it or know where I can get another, I would be grateful.
Xx Meg xx